Craving for “Instant Cup Ramyeon” (Part 2)

It’s the second series of “Instant Cup Ramyeon”. Eating those kinds of stuff is like a bucket list when you come to Korea. So, I am going to proceed with this topic in this article. I would like to help you out when you are selecting one cup of ramyeon among so many to choose […]

May for Families

May for Family About one month has passed since the cherry blossoms around the city had signalled the start of Spring. Now as you look up the calendar, you may have noticed that it is almost the end of April. Flip just one page, May is awaiting. In Korea, May is called “the family month”. […]

Nightlife in Seoul: Itaewon

Itaewon (이태원) is the number one spot to find other foreigners in Seoul. Generally, it is a long street filled with shops, restaurants, and bars. This is probably the best place to go if you are feeling home sick from your culture because of the large variety of cuisine options you have here-from Mexican, American, […]

English Newspapers and Magazines in Korea

A lot of people get information or news through magazines for newspapers, and I am one of them too. But some foreigners have trouble in reading newspapers or magazines in Korea. They are written in Korean and it is hard to find English articles at major Korean newspapers or magazines companies. But there are some […]

Celebrating Korea’s Favorite Side Dish

Insadong (인사동) is known as the home for many traditional Korean arts. Streets are lined with vendors selling handmade products from processes the date back to the beginning of Korean crafts. It’s no wonder that traditional Korean food also found everywhere in Insadong. After all, what good is art if there is no good food […]

Transportation to and around Kyoto

One of the perks of being in Seoul is that there are many opportunities to travel, and because the city is so big, there are also many options for playing to other countries in Asia. With this knowledge, I wanted to take a trip to Japan, and with an upcoming holiday, I saw the perfect […]

Sightseeing in Kyoto

Kyoto does not have a shortage of unique historical or UNESCO sites, and deciding which places to go can be a bit daunting. I was pleasantly surprised by how many sites I actually got to see in Kyoto in the three days I was there. Kyoto is so interesting in that historical sites are often […]

Hanyang University Dule-gil

How we wish we could have a place to rest and walk? Last summer, to realize it “HanYang Dulle-gil (한양둘레길)” is made by school. It is not to make new way, it just build the direction boards and benches to rest on the existing way. So students who walk there can read the history of […]