[End of Term] Spring 2017 myHUBS Reporters

Hey, it’s Hoon, the editor for myHUBS. I’m back again with news on our myHUBS team! Once again, another semester passed meaning we have to say bye to our precious members. Our reporters,  Hee-sun, Jieun, Jonghyuk, Kevin, Ruby, and Yongshin were just fabulous to hang out with every week! Although they must have had a difficult […]

Need to Print on Campus?

On campus, there are 12 buildings that can print. They are located on the first basement level in College of Liberal Arts, on the second floor in College of Social Sciences, on the second floor in College of Education, the College of Natural Sciences, on the third floor of the first Engineering Building, on the […]

Evening Session with International Students

Last Friday, which was April 9th, our business school had a brief talk session introducing international programs students can participate in. The event was held in Room 204 by the Hanyang University Business School (HUBS) International Office. The purpose of the event was to give information to those who are interested in studying abroad for […]

Welcome to “Glitters”!

Welcome to “Glitters” If you are new to the Hanyang University as an exchange student, come and join us, Glitters. Glitters is named after the front word out of “Global” and the back of the word, “Supporters”. Also, Glitters can be interpreted literally as the one “glitter” indicates. As you know, it means “gleaming and […]

The 2014 Farewell Party for International Students of HUBS

To end the last semester of 2014, the Hanyang University Business School had a farewell party for the International Students on December 9th. Held at the Business School SKT Hall, the party was so much fun for the many international students that attended, from all over the world including China, Japan, USA, Canada, Germany, France, […]