Unique Cosmetic Products in Korea

As you walk down the big streets in Myungdong, Hongdae or Gangnam, you must have seen lines of cosmetic stores. Hanging big signs and posters, those shops are trying hard to make more customers come in. South Koreans tend to care a lot about how they look like and how others would perceive them. This thinking has led to the development of several industries such as fashion, plastic surgery, and cosmetics especially. You might have been surprised to see various cosmetic products you have never seen before. Today’s post will be about introducing not only unique but also useful makeup products invented by Korean cosmetic companies, plus my quick reviews.

#1 Cushion Foundation

Have you ever seen a Korean woman take a small, round shaped compact out of her pouch? It is neither a compact powder nor a mirror. Inside the case is foundation soaked in a cushion. Just like any foundation, different brands offer different textures, from powdery to moisturizing ones. So you can choose the best one for your skin type and complexion. I also, always carry one cushion foundation in my pouch, It is good for fixing makeup outside. Some advantages of cushion foundation are that it is applied lightly on face, gives a dewy and glowing look, easy and quick to apply. Also, most of the cushion foundation products are above SPF 25, so it is good for outside activities. If you want a full coverage, I would recommend using a concealer for additional coverage. For best use, use the air puff contained in the case.


#2 Lip Tattoo Pack

Have you ever imagined that you could have ten lips and apply ten different colors for each lips? What would you like best for lip products? Besides, lipstick, there are different types of lip products you can find in cosmetic shops in Korea. You can find lip tint with different levels of fluidity, lipsticks with dual colours and a lip tattoo product for long-lasting. If you wish the colour you have put on in the morning could last even after finishing dinner? Then lip tattoo can be a good choice. You just put on a thick layer of it on your lips, wait until it dries, and peel it off smoothly. Then your lips are dyed rosy. Also, it is erasable with general lip cleanser. I have tried this several times and it was very good to use. One thing to pick out is that it takes practice until able to apply evenly on lips.


#3 Mascara fixer

I have very straight eyelashes. Even though I curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler everyday before putting on eyeliner, I find them lying downward after finishing makeup. Any thick mascaras could not solve this problem I had, until I started using a mascara fixer. Well curled eyelashes make eyes look bigger and glitter. Mascara fixer works as glue that fixes the shape of eyelashes. It is transparent so can be applied solely or applied with other mascaras. Some types of mascara fixer contains fibers to extend the length of the lashes. No more falsies!


#4 Eyebrow Tint

Done with eye makeup? Now, the next step is eyebrows. Every makeup is done with a perfectly drawn eyebrows. Some women are saying that eyebrow makeup determines whether the day will be a good day or not. Eyebrow tint is quite different from an eyebrow pencil. It is for colouring your eyebrows, but it also lasts longer than eyebrow mascara. Just like lip tattoo pack, you apply a thin layer on your eyebrows and peel off after dry. I have not tried this yet. I heard that one side effect is that as you peel off the pack too hard, your own eyebrow hair can also be pulled out.

If you enjoyed reading this post and look forward to reading more articles about Korean beauty trend, I will try to come back with more series!


Articel by Sangeun, a Junior in Business Administration

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