A Journey Through the Philippines

Arriving My flight landed at 1am at the Cebu-Mactan international airport on Wednesday May 4th. The flight from Seoul is only 4 and a half hours with a one hour time difference on the islands. Despite the late arrival, I was still able to easily get a white taxi to the location of the Airbnb […]

Use Your Money Wisely in the Philippines!

I understand that most of the readers are students and a lot of you will not be working while you are here in Korea, so you’ll need to spend money wisely. I also know that some of you might be interested in traveling to other countries during your exchange. An affordable place to travel is […]

Traveling Outside Korea… on a Budget

Travelling Outside Korea… on a Budget. When coming to Korea, I was not only looking forward to experiencing the culture here, but also going away on the weekends to see other countries. However, being a student, I don’t have unlimited funds to do this, so I had to ensure I has making the most of […]