Russian Restaurants in Seoul

One thing that students may find it hard to adjust to in Korea is the food. It’s very spicy, there is a lot of rice, a little meet in it, so food might be one of the culture shocks that you can experience here from my cultural perspective.

I wasn’t an exception. When I just arrived in Korea, I first tried Korean food in my dorms and my first thought was that I’m going to starve to death here. However, later on I’ve discovered that in general Korean food it is not that bad as in my dorm’s dining hall, although, I was still missing my home food.

I remember one morning when I woke up and thought enough is enough and started googling Russian restaurants in Seoul. Finally, I chose one at the Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station (동대문문화역사공원역). Once I got there and walked to the restaurant I was shocked that every third banner was in Russian. Apparently, I found an Uzbek block in Seoul. Although the initial restaurant I was going to was closed, I managed to find a few good places to eat in that region.


  1. Fortune restaurant

The first restaurant that I’ve tried there was called Fortune. Up to this point I believe that this restaurant is the best one in Seoul. Although it is not expensive at all, the food is really good there. That is how it looks from the side:


And the location of it:


Source: Google Maps

So you would have to arrive at the Dongdaemun History and Culture Park station (exits 5-8) and within a minute walk you will be able to get there. This restaurant has two floors. On the first flour there is a cafe (the menu is the same though) and you can buy some confectionery and bakery products right by the entrance.

3 4 5


This is how the first flour looks like:

On the second floor there is another room that looks quite similar to the one on the first floor.

There is a wide variety of meals that you can order there. I’ve personally tried Bifstecs, Cotlets, Golubsi, Borsh and a few more:

8 9 10


All of these meals were delicious and tasted just like the ones back at home. At the first time a soup, a main course and a drink were just 14 500 Won and I felt so full despite I haven’t had any food at that day and was starving when I got there. To know more about the menu and the prices visit the official website:

By the way, if you are a fan of Russian beer, this is the place where you can have a bottle… or two… you know;)


  1. Samarkand

Another good place to eat is the restaurant called Samarkand which is also located at Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station. Actually, there are several restaurants with this name in this area. The reason for this is that, actually, Samarkand is the second biggest city in Uzbekistan and very important to Uzbekistan and Uzbek people. This name is quite popular for restaurants and hotels owned by Uzbeks.



Source: Google Maps

The place is pretty nice inside and it offers a wide variety of Russian and Uzbek food. Though, it seemed to me that Fortuna had a wide variety of meals.

14 15 16


If you compare the prices between Fortuna and Samarkand, they would be roughly the same. Although, the Borsch (the most famous Russian soup) seemed better to me in Fortuna. Anyway, I encourage you to check out those places and explore that area. I found a few stores there that were selling Russian products including beer and vodka. I’m pretty sure there are more places to go there.


  1. Matreshka

The next two restaurants are located by the Itaewon Station (이태원역). The Matreshka restaurant can be found if you take the 3rd exit and head east.


Source: Google Maps

That is how it looks from the side:


The restaurant is on the second floor is very nice inside.


You can see more pictures here:

However, because of the atmosphere the prices there are 1.5 times more than those in Fortuna or Samarkand (to know more visit Although, every Saturday they have a live music and they are occasionally hosting some events, such as karaoke competition with a first place prize of 100,000 Won or some other fun competitions.


  1. Troika

Troika is located right by the Itaewon station (exit 1)


Source: Google Maps

This is the entrance:


And that is the interior:


This restaurant is as expensive as Matreshka, although the choice of meal seemed more poor to me.


Article by Pavel from Russia

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