Need to Print on Campus?

On campus, there are 12 buildings that can print. They are located on the first basement level in College of Liberal Arts, on the second floor in College of Social Sciences, on the second floor in College of Education, the College of Natural Sciences, on the third floor of the first Engineering Building, on the fourth floor in the Second Engineering Building, on the fourth floor in Industry Center, on the third floor of the College of Economics and Finance, on the first basement level in the Business School building, the Education Building, on the second floor of the Hanyang Cyber University, and on the first floor of the Central library called Paiknam. And there are 4 places (on the first basement level in College of Economics and Finance, Materials Science and Engineering building, on the first floor in the First Engineering building, and on the second floor in Central library called Paiknam), where you may bind, scan, and copy books. You don’t need to know the way of using the pressroom because there are some guides who help your printing. So you just go and request print and pay for your handout.

In the Business School, the internet café on level B1 has work stations and printers. You can use the computer and at the same time print as well. One of the best things here is that you can scan your handout or book because pc room has scanners. Then how we can use the printer? Let’s find out together!

프린터기,스캐너1. Register your card and make your ID

After you register your check/credit card or T-money (traffic card) or deferred payment traffic card, you can use this printer. Then how we can register? First you put your card on the printer and touch the join button. After the touch, you can see the screen that has to enter your ID. I recommend enter your class number because it is very comfortable and easy to remember. Most of the students use their class number really.

ID 등록2. Push the print button on any computer.

You can use all computers in pc room so seat on the any computer and push the print button with your paper that you want to print. Due to all computers are connect by internet, you just push the print button and go to the printer.

인쇄순서 1233. Get your materials!

If you push the print button on your computer and move to the printer, the printed matter will wait you. Then you touch the login button and put your registered card on it. And then choose your printed matter and touch the payment, the printing will be over.

인쇄순서 456

It is quite cumbersome that registering card at first. But if you register your card only once, you can use printer and scanner comfortable. Like this, almost each building has printers, if you learn the way to use printer, you can print everywhere on campus.

The PC room that is located on the first floor in the Multidisciplinary Education building has printers but the way of using it is different with the PC room in the Business School. The different things are they don’t need login and you can only print your traffic card called T-MONEY. But don’t worry because school ID card includes the traffic card. So if you have school ID card, you can use printers. Then let’s learn about the way of using printers.

융합교육관 프린터기

1. Choose the printer and push the ‘print’ button on your PC.

All computers are connected with 3 printers so you can choose any printers and push the print button. And the price is different depending on color. It charges 50 Won a page for black and white and 300 Won a page for all color prints. Every computer can print in color so you choose for your liking.

2. Enter user name

One of the advantages of the fusion of education building’s PC room is you don’t need to login. You just click the print button and input any name that you can notice.

3. Go to the printer and charge on.

If you have done the process, you have to go to the printer and charge on. Like this picture, you have to check your handout and click the print button. And then touch the traffic card to the card reader. After payment you can get your handout at the print that you choose before.


Article by YeongWoo, a Sophomore in Business Administration


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