Love for Cats on Campus: Sip-Si-Ill-Nyang

While you walk on campus you can see many cats that take a rest practically everywhere. Around campus, there are more than 10 cats, and they are seen around 7 main places such as the back stairs of the Business School. Also, you can see small boxes, blankets, and food for the cats. These are prepared by Hanyang University students and school personnel for cats. Beginning these activities, group for protecting and taking care of cats are made by students. This group called ‘Sip-si-ill-nyang (십시일냥)’, it quote a expression from ‘making a united effort to help a person.’ It is an organized activity to help cats such as providing their house and treatment for sick cats. It started in March and is still in operation. ‘Hanyang-e’ posts the cats’ pictures that live on campus on the facebook page. Many students report pictures of these campus cats to that page. Like this, we can know that people have many interests in cat and they want to help them.

I interviewed a student who belongs to ‘Sip-si-ill-nyang’. He said, “I always saw many cats on campus and they look sick and hungry. I want to give some helps as much as possible I can. Animals live along side with people but there are just few groups for animals. So I decide to make group to take care of cats on campus because they live near us and I think they feel a sense of closeness for us.”

‘Sip-si-ill-nyang’ progresses a project called ’cat map’ because grasping the habitat and population is essential to manage effectively. They will give food to cats by turns that they grasped before. And they will build cat’s house on campus to protect them because when it rains, the food and their body will be wet. In future, they will heal for sick cats. But to do these things they need some money, so they operate the group by student’s fee and they continue fund raising activities.

There is a successful case for their work regarding the cats. ‘Sip-si-ill-nyang’ rescued a sick cat and they took care of the cat for a while. After the cat recovered they looked for a student to adopt the cat. So the cat could be adopted by the student due to their help. Like this, ‘Sip-si-ill-nyang’ tries to help many cats on campus, and many students accord with their effort.

Besides our school, there are many universities that manage groups for cat. Especially, they build meal places, surgeries for neutralization, and put a sticker to know them. Also, they publicize their activities using newspaper and get donations now and then. They make a project proposal about cat’s guarantee of right.

Can we make coexistence between cats and people just interest about cats? There are some voices of concern but it is worthy of notice that students mind that want to be coexistence with cats. Also kind and generous hands are continuing to take care of cat. And we can find coexistence within on campus between people and cats, now.


Article by YeongWoo, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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