Gwangju, a Trip to a New City

Travel is almost the only way I get rid of my stress. So, I try to travel as much as I can and try to travel any time I feel like going to another place. As like most of the students feel, the beginning of the school term makes us tired and stressful. I also […]

Korea in Three Days (Part 2): Gwangju to Busan

After enjoying one day in Boseong (보성), my friend and I traveled back to Gwangju (광주) by train where we spent the night at an Airbnb. The same train that took us from Gwnagjusongjeong (광주송정) also has a stop at Gwangju, but it is after Gwnangjusongjeong so take care to stop at the right station! […]

Korea in Three days (Part 1): Boseong Green Tea Festival

This past weekend was Children’s day, so my friend and I took advantage of the holiday and traveled to Boseong (보성) and Busan (부산). There were many events going on this weekend including the Green Tea Festival in Boseong (보성녹차축제) and the Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul, and both festivals were on my “must do” […]