Korea in Three days (Part 1): Boseong Green Tea Festival

This past weekend was Children’s day, so my friend and I took advantage of the holiday and traveled to Boseong (보성) and Busan (부산). There were many events going on this weekend including the Green Tea Festival in Boseong (보성녹차축제) and the Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul, and both festivals were on my “must do” […]

Flavours that Koreans Favor: Sweets

Green tea Green tea comes in many more forms than as a drink in your teacup in Korea. The flavour is popular all around Asia, but Koreans really put it everywhere. It is not as sweet or rich as caramel and other stuff you can find in the typical western confectionery aisles at supermarkets, but […]

Boseong Green Tea Fields

Boseong is about 5 hours away, and even though green tea fields are the main attraction, staying the night is a good idea so you are not on a bus for 10 hours of your day. Before you go: 1. Check the forecast, gather up some friends, and plan a day ahead so you can […]