How to Buy Books

When you start new semester, when you want to read some books or in any other situation you need to buy some books, how did you get books? I will introduce other ways to buy books. First, we have a bookstore in our campus. It is located on the first floor in the student union […]

My Trip to Indonesia

If you feel that it’s getting too cold here in Seoul and Korea in general and you think that you deserve a nice tropical week off from all the responsibilities and hard student life, then you should keep reading as I am going to tell you more about my recent trip to one of the […]

Some Korean Words to Know

Every language has its own slang. Maybe if someone who learn another language by standard procedure (of course, they should) listen talks between native speakers who use slangs a lot, He can’t understand what they are talking about. In Korean, there are many slangs. In addition, there are some words that means different by condition. […]

Welcome to Hanyang!

  Q: Could you share a memorable experience you’ve had at Hanyang? “A culture shock I experienced was during the MT (membership training) of a club that I attended. While it is a well-known fact that Koreans love their soju, but it was my first time seeing people play so many drinking games throughout the […]

The Most Crucial Test in Korea

This year’s most crucial test, CSAT, was held on November. 12. CSAT, which is the abbreviation for “College Scholastic Ability Test”, is the national college entrance exam in Korea. Every year, lots of high school students take this test to apply to universities. This year, over 640,000 students took this test. There are college entrance […]

Sports Clubs at Hanyang

Sport Club: (Orange ball) Table Tennis Practice: Fridays 18:00 – 21:00p.m. Competition: For the fall, there are three tournaments during the semester, one of which includes a competition with other clubs from all over Korea Skill level: Experience is required Overall Experience: “Great experience, I have learned a lot about the behaviors of Koreans by […]

The Colours of Seoraksan

  Pictures by Kavi from Canada

More Places to Eat in Wangsimni! (part 2)

In Wangsimni (왕십리), we can see many places where you can eat delicious meat quite often. I often go most of all, so I know lots of them. So let me introduce to you about my favorite restaurants. The first is, Gorgeous Kitchen. Gorgeous kitchen is, in fact, quite expensive for students to eat just […]