More Places to Eat in Wangsimni! (part 2)

In Wangsimni (왕십리), we can see many places where you can eat delicious meat quite often. I often go most of all, so I know lots of them. So let me introduce to you about my favorite restaurants.

The first is, Gorgeous Kitchen. Gorgeous kitchen is, in fact, quite expensive for students to eat just for small occasion. Because its average price is 15,000won~20,000won. Although one plate can cover two people, still it is not cheap for students. They sells steaks, salad, pasta, risotto, and some drinks. Among them, the steak are really good. When you order steak, it comes with nachos, salad, a piece of pineapple. And also, the salmon salad taste good, too. It has bunch of vegetables so you can eat fresh vegetables and the salmon together. And it is located underground floor of café Urban Farm.

IMG_20150916_171702_2 IMG_20150916_172617

The second one is ‘Hwa Juck Dan (화적단)’. It is located in near Wangsimni exit 6, near chicken bus on the Food and Cultural Street of Wangsimni (왕십리 음식문화거리). You can easily find this place once you enter Hanyang University, because everytime when you hang out with your friend, you will always pass this street. Anyway, this place sells premium meats. So you if your budget is too tight, maybe this place will not the one that you want to sit and eat. But, if you are willing to pay more than you usually pay, this place will do. Because when you order meat, they serve not only meat but side menus. Meat comes with pineapple, mushrooms, potatoes, and so on, total 14 different types of foods are served. And also, they use raw meat-most of the cheap diners use frozen meat- so it tasted really soft and delicious.

IMG_20150917_175136 IMG_20150917_175750

The last is ‘Jin Seo Bang’s Mu Han Do Jun (진서방의 무한도전)’. Its name is quite difficult to read, I guess. So I will call this place just ‘Jin’. It is located next to Baskin Robbins Building. If you know where the Mom’s Touch is, you can find thins place-Jin is in the first floor of this building. Actually, most of the Hanyang Students just pass this place because it is not noticeable. But one day, I knew this house restaurants of this report that comes out on television. This house is where you eat meat whatever you want, and you can stay here forever. It’s a meat buffet that you can eat infinite time at infinite amount of meat. And price is only 10,000 won. (Lunch is 9,900 won and the dinner is 10,900 won- still, cheap). And the cheap price does not mean the quality of the meat is bad. And the side dishes are free, so if you are starving, this place is the perfect one to go.

IMG_20151109_172950 IMG_20151109_173357

Article by Shinhwa from Korea


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