How to Buy Books

When you start new semester, when you want to read some books or in any other situation you need to buy some books, how did you get books? I will introduce other ways to buy books.

First, we have a bookstore in our campus. It is located on the first floor in the student union building. They sells books for major class, also books for liberal arts class. Maybe you can find all you need in university. They sells at the fixed price. It is the closest bookstore, but for business school student it could be annoying to get there. Because it is far from business building, we have to walk up the hill.


Source: Consumer Times

Second, most of all it was most common way to buy books at bookstores. Kyo-bo books, Yeong-pung books and Bandi & Luni’s. There are many Kyo-bo bookstores in Seoul. Kyo-bo books are located in Gangnam, Jamsil, Gwanghwamun gate, Yeongdeungpo, etc. Lately Kyo-bo in Gwanghwamun gate set up a big table to read books. It was made of tree age about fifty thousand years. This table has seats for 100 people. Yeong-pung books are located in Cheongnyangni, Jongno, Yeouido, coex, etc. Bandi & Luni’s are located in Jongno, Konkuk univ, coex, central city terminal, sillim, lotteworld, etc. Advantage of bookstore is that you can read books in the bookstore.Kyobo Yes24 YPbooks BandiSource: Kyobo, Yes24, YPBooks, Bandi n Lunis

Third, you can buy almost every books you want at internet bookstores. Furthermore they deliver your books to your home, if you buy books over criteria price. I will introduce some internet bookstores. Yes 24, Kyo-bo, Yeong-pung Bandi & Luni’s. They sells not only books but also e-books. If you buy an e-book, you can read it with your phone, tablet and any other electronic equipment. Yes 24 sells only on internet. Kyo-bo and Bandi & Luni’s sells on internet and bookstores. It is convenient. You can delivered books. If you want take your books at bookstore near your house, you can order to bookstore. It is your choice.


However, it will cost a lot to buy all books you need. Because books for major is very expensive and we needs many books for major. Also, buying books at bookstore in our campus is so annoying because it is far from business school and books are so heavy. Now, I will introduce some ways to buy used book, to decrease cost.

First, you can buy used books at the beginning of semester. Business school student union sells used book with cheap price. When it is open is differ from semester to semester. If you want to buy some books, keep a close eye on notice board or Facebook account of business school. Sure, there are not all books you want. But if you go there early, you can save your money.


Source: Aladin

Second, you can buy used books at internet bookstores. Aladin, Bandi & Luni’s, Yes24. Not always the books you want will exist. However, they have used book tab, and you can find is there the books you want. Because it is used book they sells with discounted price. With this way, you can save your money and time.

Buy your books with less waste of time, less cost, less effort!!!


Article by Hyosik from Korea

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