Welcome to Hanyang!


Chloe from the Netherlands


Q: Could you share a memorable experience you’ve had at Hanyang?

“A culture shock I experienced was during the MT (membership training) of a club that I attended. While it is a well-known fact that Koreans love their soju, but it was my first time seeing people play so many drinking games throughout the whole night. Nevertheless, having the chance to experience an MT is something memorable and I would recommend to people who are coming for the next semester to join a club at Hanyang University. Either to experience what MT is like, or just to make new Korean friends and explore Korea together.”

– Chloe Ng, the Netherlands


Juwon from Korea (on the right) with me

Q: Why should someone come to study at Hanyang?

“I have heard that compared to other universities (in Korea), we have more students from other countries. This makes the atmosphere more international and easier for foreigners to settle in. Hanyang is also located next to a subway station, so the transportation is convenient. Because the campus has many hills, it gives students the option to hike and get healthy every day!”

– Juwon Lee, Korea


“If I could describe Hanyang University in one word that would be: mini city. Coming from the Netherlands, I was perplexed at how big the campus was. Literally, everything you need to survive and to live can be found in the surrounding. Feeling sick? Need a doctor’s advice? No problem, there’s a university hospital 5-10 minutes on walking distance! Places to eat or shopping districts placed near the university, that I can understand. But when I saw a hospital located so near, that was really shocking and I think it will last for a while.”

– Chloe Ng, the Netherlands



Zanda from Latvia

Q: What is the best thing about Korea?

“Before this I had never been to Asia, so everything has been really new for me. The best thing about being an exchange student in Korea has definitely been the whole idea of experiencing the culture and the country. I just wish there was more time to explore, but the intense studying and large amounts of homework professors give here limit the available free time.”

Q: What would you say to foreigners who are considering coming to study in Korea?

“Take it easy, and go do things and see places. University life is competitive and takes time and effort, but don’t be too afraid to miss some homework for a weekend trip outside of Seoul. I wish I had committed less time to studying and more to discovering Korea, which is a big part of being an exchange student.”

– Zanda Litvina, Latvia



Sung Yeop, Jung (Business Administration) – Korea

Q: What is it like to study at hanyang?

A: At First, it was difficult. Because it is lot different studying in High School. But now, I think i’m used to studying here. Actually, I’m really interested in making a company-so called ’Start up’. And I think Hanyang University provieds lots of benefits to students who wants to mane companies. And, although my major is Business Management, my second major is related to making Startups-which Hanyang University made for students. So, I think it is really good to study in here.

Q: What is the best thing about hanyang/korea?

A : maybe the hard working? Well…I guess the best thing about Hanyang University is lots of programs for students, as I said before. And the good about Korea is people’s generousity. We feel people with warm-hearted, and I think that is a good one.


Eun Pyo, Ahn (Financial Ecnomics) – Korea

Q: What is it like to study at hanyang?

A : To get to study in Hanyang was big prize to me. Every lessons that I took helped me to wide my perception and expanded my field of knowledge to incomparable than before. Also, I study one more year to attend Hanyang University. My previous university was enough, but I want to learn more so tried again. So, it is kind of victory to me.

Q: What would you say to foreigners who are considering coming to study in Korea?

A: Hanyang Univ is one of the best university in Korea. There are many skilled student that cab help you to get used to school life and also there are mentor programs that would help you to make unbelievable memories in Korea.


Woo Joo, Song (Business Administration) –Korea

Q: Why should someone come to study at Hanyang?

A : Well, I never thought about that before, bur let me think…

I think our university’s location is pretty good. There aren’t many universities that have station that has their own university’s name. Even though they have, students have to walk long way to go to their university. But, here, when you take line 2 and get off at Hanyang University Station, you can see the university building right away. I think this one is a huge advantage.

Q: Do you enjoy being here?

A : pretty much! Here, I met really good friends. Before, I think university friends are not as deep relationship as high school friends, but that was wrong. Here, with my friends, university life is enjoyable.


Article by Miia and Shinhwa

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