PSCORE: Help North Korean defectors!

Violations of North Korean human rights: Are you concerned about it?  Then join PSCORE! People for a Successful COrean REunification (PSCORE) is a non-profit human rights NGO based in Seoul. It was founded in 2006 by Kim Young-Il, a former North Korean soldier who escaped the country with his family. Along with a group of […]

A Helpful App for Students: Add2Paper

I guess you guys have lots of documents to print out. There is a smart way to cut down on printing expenses. You only need an app named “Add2paper”. Add2paper is a corporate sponsored free printing app. It puts an advertisement at the bottom of your printed paper for offering you a free printing service. […]

Did You Already Know…Seoul-Edition

Did you already know that… 1. … Seoul is the largest city proper in the developed world with more than 10.4 million citizens? 2. … Seoul capital area – including Incheon and Gyeonggi province – is the 2nd largest metropolitan area worldwide (after Tokyo) with a population of over 25.6 million? 3. … Seoul is the 4th largest […]

Cafeteria Guide: Engineering Building I

In the second part of my cafeteria guide (go to Part I: Business School), I will introduce cafeterias that are located near the Engineering Building I. No matter whether you are majoring in engineering or not, you might attend classes at this building as a variety of classes are held there. Part II: Cafeterias around […]

Alien Registration 101

Most international students who arrive in Korea already got issued a visa for South Korea in their home countries. Although this visa constitutes the permission to stay for a specified duration, foreigners are required to register once they arrived in Korea (and intent to stay longer than 90 days). This process is called alien registration […]

E-Mart: Shop Till You Drop

In this post, we will figure out how to manage a major grocery shopping for your cereals, fruits, snacks, milk, beer, and other daily necessities, such as toiletries, bed covers or stationary. Step 1: Find your way to E-Mart Residence Hall: Take Bus 2220 in front of the dormitory. As all buses (2220) go to […]

Cafeteria Guide: Business School

To satisfy one’s hunger is an easy thing on campus. Plenty of convenience stores offer you small snacks, including noodle soups, bread or cookies. However, if you are really hungry and crave for a proper menu, you may think of walking aaall the way to Wangsimni. These times are over now. Within this series of […]