A Helpful App for Students: Add2Paper

I guess you guys have lots of documents to print out. There is a smart way to cut down on printing expenses. You only need an app named “Add2paper”. Add2paper is a corporate sponsored free printing app. It puts an advertisement at the bottom of your printed paper for offering you a free printing service. It’s pretty simple to use.

1. Download ‘Add2paper’ to your phone

Go to the App-Store and download the ‘Add2paper’ application. You can sign up just by writing the university you are in and entering a certificate number. You get 10 sheets of free printing after signing up.

Step 1: Download and install Add2Paper (left); Step 2.1: Visit the app as often as possible (right)

Step 1: Download and install Add2Paper (left), Step 2: Visit the app as often as possible (right)

2. Collect free printing sheets

  1. Visit the app every day. you can get 2 sheets per day only for visiting the app through your smartphone (the collected free sheets expire after 2 months). This means, you can save up to 42 sheets in a month if you visit the app every weekday.
  2. Click on the advertisements, share or “like” them with your Facebook-Account. Per clicked ad you receive one free sheet. A linkage on Facebook earns you 3-5 more sheets.
  3. Invite your friends. Let your friends know about this app with the friend inviting service of Kakaotalk. You can get additional 10 sheets for each person you invite. 10 sheets for 1 person, 20 sheets for 2, and 100 sheets for 10 people!
Step 2.2:  Open and/or share advertisements (left); Step 2.3: Invite your friends via Kakao-Talk or Facebook (right)

Step 2.2: Open and/or share advertisements (left); Step 2.3: Invite your friends (right)

3. Print out freely!

You have to use Add2paper PCs to take advantage of the free sheets you have piled up. Add2paper PCs are located in the PC room at the second basement of the business school building.

Add2Paper PC-Terminals

Add2Paper PC-Terminals

The way of printing is similar to usual charged printing. Open the file you want to print out, click ‘printing’ button and then a pop-up shows up. Enter your ID and password. Then click the button labelled “FREE(무료)”. After a short while, your document will be printed out from the printer besides the monitor.

Other Add2paper PCs are also located in: The college of education building (2F), the college of social science building (2F), engineering college building 1 (3F), engineering college building 2 (4F), science college building (1F, 2F), college of liberal arts building (3F)

Now, try downloading the Add2paper app and enjoy the free printing service!

By Wonji

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