Internet Shopping Malls

Anna Lee It is true that South Korea is the nation of delivery. Everything can be delivered – whatever you want. If you need anything ASAP, you can just type it on Naver and look at the results written there. The things will always be linked to ‘link’. Today, I would like to introduce you […]

Exploring Korean Online Shopping Sites

Seoul, among many other destinations, is sometimes introduced as one of the best shopping cities in the world. There are in fact so many famous shopping districts in Seoul such as Myeong-dong(명동), Dongdae-mun(동대문), Sinsa-dong(신사동) and the list goes on. Once you take a step into any shopping malls in Seoul, trendy clothes, cheap groceries, luxurious […]

E-Mart: Shop Till You Drop

In this post, we will figure out how to manage a major grocery shopping for your cereals, fruits, snacks, milk, beer, and other daily necessities, such as toiletries, bed covers or stationary. Step 1: Find your way to E-Mart Residence Hall: Take Bus 2220 in front of the dormitory. As all buses (2220) go to […]