Exploring the Campus: Southern Part

Hello everyone, today I would like to make you all familiar with the campus of Hanyang University. As most students take classes just in a single college, they often do not know about the other buildings at campus. However, it can be helpful to know the entire campus and its shortcuts! Today, I am introducing […]

Spending Your Free Time at Wangsimni Station!

I will introduce you to the shopping mall ‘Enter-6’ and the area around Wangsimni station. As Wangsimni station has a large floating population just like Myeong-dong, it is full of many things to enjoy such as eating, shopping, and more. This is a place that I recommend you to play at. I hope you read […]

My Experience with Korean Culture

I would like to talk about Korean Culture that I have been experiencing since the first day of my exchange student life up to now. I can say that it’s very difficult for me and I believe that many other international students who came to study in Hanyang University feel the same. he reason for […]

Visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace

This weekend, I went to Gyeongbokgung Palace which is located at the northern part of Seoul. Korean people are very proud of this palace as it is very grand with its uniquely impressive architecture styles. First of all, I would like to tell you how to get there. If you are leaving from Hanyang University […]

‘Hanyang Journal’ Reports on myHUBS.org

Last week the ‘Hanyang Journal’, the English campus magazine, published a brief article about myHUBS.org in its online-edition ‘The Hanyangian’. The article tells about the basic idea of the blog and further sheds light on how students got recruited for the project as well as on our publication policy. Read the full article here. If […]

HUBS Internship Program: A Brief Report (Florian)

During class we have been informed about the internship program at HUBS. My professor, Renee Kim, talked about a current internship opportunity at Dong-Wha Pharm Co. Ltd, a well-known international albeit traditional Korean Pharmaceutical company. I didn’t hesitate and immediately applied for the internship. As an exchange student at Hanyang University this program seemed to […]

Cafeteria Guide: Final Part

Besides the presented cafeterias, there are five more places on campus where you can enjoy reasonably priced meals. In this article, I will briefly introduce these cafeterias by providing some key notes on each of them. I. Sarang Bang Location: 3rd Floor at Student Union Building *payable by credit card at the vending machine or […]

HGSU: a Joyful Club for Global Students

What is HGSU? Hanyang Global Student Union (HGSU) is a place where foreigners feel at home. It is a club that supports foreign students at Hanyang University and helps them with their cultural exchanges with Korean students. Every member in the club learns more about each other and lends a helping hand. What is I-Zone? […]