Cafeteria Guide: Business School

To satisfy one’s hunger is an easy thing on campus. Plenty of convenience stores offer you small snacks, including noodle soups, bread or cookies. However, if you are really hungry and crave for a proper menu, you may think of walking aaall the way to Wangsimni. These times are over now. Within this series of three articles, I will present you an detailed overview of all on-campus restaurants and/or cafeterias.

Actually, most students – particularly those from foreign countries – are not even aware that these restaurants exist. Students often know just a small area of the overall campus. What a pity as there is a lot to discover. For instance, there are EIGHT on-campus cafeterias of which students often visit only a single one. In the following, I want to introduce each of these cafeterias to you.

I divided this “Cafeteria Guide” into three parts according to three different areas on the campus. The first part will discuss cafeterias near the Business School Building, the second part introduces cafeterias near the Engineering Building 1 and the third part presents those ones around the Engineering Building 2.

Part I: Cafeterias around the Business School Building

In this article, I will present you the cafeterias near the Business School Building (see campus map). This building is one of the hottest buildings on campus because of its all-new design and modern facilities. After you finished your classes over there, where would you go to eat something? There are two possibilities for you, the “Haengwon Park” cafeteria and the “Hanyang Women’s College” cafeteria.

Haengwon Park Cafeteria

The first cafeteria to be presented is the Haengwon Park cafeteria; also called “Nanuri”. It is located in the basement of business school building, right below the park itself. If you are in the business school building, simply go to the B1-floor, turn left to find the corridor leading to the inner yard on the right. Alternatively, you can reach the inner yard also by using the stairs outside in the middle of the park. Once arrived at the inner yard, you can see the cafeteria’s entrance on the right side of the stairs.

Finding the entrance of the Haengwon Park Cafeteria

Finding the entrance of the Haengwon Park Cafeteria

In the entrance area, the cafeteria provides samples of dishes and the corresponding prices. So, you can have a first look at what you want to enjoy later. After you have chosen what to buy, you have to receive a ticket for your dish. If you want to pay cash, please use the machine to your left. If you want to pay by credit card, you have to go to the receptionist next to the cafeteria’s entrance. In case the receptionist is not there, you have no other option but to wait.

Entrance area (Left: Ticket-machines, Right: Food-display)

Entrance area (Left: Ticket-machines, Right: Food-display)

The ticket you receive has a specific letter written on it, ranging from A to D. Now, check the signs on the wall above the serving counter in the cafeteria. Wait in the line that matches the letter on your ticket.

The prices in this cafeteria usually range from \2500 to 3000. However, there are two additional dishes “for faculty”. However, this is only a label and students can order these dishes as well.  They feature additional side dishes or some special menu and are usually priced up to \4000. In case you ordered a menu “for faculty”, please use the line labeled “Jungpum-Jin”.

Wait here in case you ordered a menu "for faculty"

Wait here in case you ordered a menu “for faculty”

Fortunately, this cafeteria provides vast space with many seats. So, you usually do not have to wait to get a table. After you are done eating, please turn back your plates and cups in the small dining hall, located left from the serving counter.

The "Haegwon Park Cafeteria" is one of the most spacious cafeterias on campus

The “Haegwon Park Cafeteria” is one of the most spacious cafeterias on campus

Criteria Rating (X out of 6 stars)
Accessibility ★★★★
Waiting Time ★★★★★
Price ★★★★
Menu Diversity ★★★
Taste ★★★
Capacity ★★★★★★


By Yoon (“Peter”)


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