Ways to Make Foreign Friends for Both Koreans and Foreign Students

One of the merits of being a Hanyang University (한양대학교) student is that we have lots of opportunities to meet foreigners. From business major to natural science major everywhere we could see students that came from another country. Both Koreans and international students have the necessity of making friends. Some Koreans will want to improve […]

Student Housing: On-Campus Dormitories

Before arriving in Korea, new international students need to sort out where they will be staying for the upcoming months in Seoul. The prospect of arranging accommodation from another country can be intimidating, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the language and local procedures. The easiest way to find a place to stay is […]

Exploring the Campus: Southern Part

Hello everyone, today I would like to make you all familiar with the campus of Hanyang University. As most students take classes just in a single college, they often do not know about the other buildings at campus. However, it can be helpful to know the entire campus and its shortcuts! Today, I am introducing […]

Cafeteria Guide: Final Part

Besides the presented cafeterias, there are five more places on campus where you can enjoy reasonably priced meals. In this article, I will briefly introduce these cafeterias by providing some key notes on each of them. I. Sarang Bang Location: 3rd Floor at Student Union Building *payable by credit card at the vending machine or […]

Cafeteria Guide: Engineering Building II

This is the 3rd article of our cafeteria guide. This time, I will introduce the most crowded cafeteria on campus. It is located near the Engineering Building II. However, due to its central location, it is very easy to reach from everywhere, e.g. Paeknam Main Library, College of Music, Business School, or HIT Building! Located […]

Cafeteria Guide: Engineering Building I

In the second part of my cafeteria guide (go to Part I: Business School), I will introduce cafeterias that are located near the Engineering Building I. No matter whether you are majoring in engineering or not, you might attend classes at this building as a variety of classes are held there. Part II: Cafeterias around […]

Cafeteria Guide: Business School

To satisfy one’s hunger is an easy thing on campus. Plenty of convenience stores offer you small snacks, including noodle soups, bread or cookies. However, if you are really hungry and crave for a proper menu, you may think of walking aaall the way to Wangsimni. These times are over now. Within this series of […]