BY KATHY PHAM Do you love to eat ice cream? Because I know I do! If you haven’t already figured it out by now, I will be talking about the ice cream brand, Magnum. Eating ice cream itself is great, but what if you could DIY your ice cream? From choosing your own base to […]

Korean Ice Creams that You Should Try!

Since Korea is getting hotter and hotter, a lot of people want ice creams. I am one of them too, and I like ice creams so much, so I eat a lot of kinds of ice creams. Most of countries have good ice cream, but I think that Korean ice creams are the best in […]

Desserts in Korea

Although Korea is known for their spicy food and assortment of kimchi, Koreans love to eat dessert. After a meal of spicy noodles or delicious Korean barbecue, you get this urge to eat something sweet to finish off your meal, and there are plenty of options to choose from! 1. Bingsu  (빙수) My first recommendation […]

Boseong Green Tea Fields

Boseong is about 5 hours away, and even though green tea fields are the main attraction, staying the night is a good idea so you are not on a bus for 10 hours of your day. Before you go: 1. Check the forecast, gather up some friends, and plan a day ahead so you can […]

Experiencing Korean Desserts

I have been in Seoul for 2 weeks and already I have eaten more desserts than I can keep track of! As a natural foodie, particularly in love with dessert, I figured I’ve tried about everything in the sweets category, however, Korea offers desserts I have never heard of. The options are unlimited and they […]