Which one are you talking about?

Park, Jeonghun          There are some words that have a double meaning in Korean, because the language itself is focused on contextual meanings. For example, Noon (눈) might mean more than two ideas; the part of the body you see with or snow that fall from the sky. Foreigners or exchange students might have trouble […]


BY KATHY PHAM Do you love to eat ice cream? Because I know I do! If you haven’t already figured it out by now, I will be talking about the ice cream brand, Magnum. Eating ice cream itself is great, but what if you could DIY your ice cream? From choosing your own base to […]

SAMSUNG Building at Gangnam Station

As I mentioned before, I ran out of topics to tell you. So being in desperation I was about to tell you about the Gangnam underground market (강남지하상가). Well, it is big, it is cheap, and there are a few nice things that you can buy there; however, there is not much to tell besides […]

An Afternoon in Gangnam

If you find yourself with a class schedule where you have the morning or afternoon off and you are looking for something to do, taking a little trip to Gangnam (강남) is a fun way to spend your time. You might associate Gangnam with the rich and famous and a luxurious lifestyle. However, this area […]

Can You Escape Indoors? (Part 2)

I caught the escape room fever and I went digging for more. I really enjoyed my time at the No Escape, I decided to check out other escape rooms. Seoul Escape to my surprise was even bigger and had a lot more to offer. Located in Hongdae, Gangnam, and Itaewon, if you’ve escaped to Seoul […]

Black Food in Gangnam

Today, I want to introduce you about interesting dessert-about black-colored food. It seems weird to eat something black, but if you think about it, we can find black food everywhere. The place where I really want to recommend is called ‘C&Z Bakery’. It sells variety of brunch, but the special menu is ‘black panini’. Inside […]

Café Craze – Welcome to Korea (part 1)

Cafes are a huge part of the Korean experience. In fact, studies show that Koreans now consume more coffee than they do kimchi and rice! From chain cafes to cat cafes, Korea has just about every type of café imaginable. One of my goals for my four-month exchange is to hit up as many themed […]