Korean Ice Creams that You Should Try!

Since Korea is getting hotter and hotter, a lot of people want ice creams. I am one of them too, and I like ice creams so much, so I eat a lot of kinds of ice creams. Most of countries have good ice cream, but I think that Korean ice creams are the best in the world. Today, I want to suggest to you some good ice creams that you can find in Korea.


Melona (메로나)

Melona is one of the most famous and classic ice creams in Korea. And if you watch Youtube videos, you can find some videos that introduce Melona ice cream to foreign people. Actually Melona ice cream is one of the most favorite ice creams to foreign people. If you have not tried this ice cream before, you should try it. Melona is famous for its pale green color and milky sweet melon taste. For those of you who want different flavors, Melona is now also sold in strawberry, mango, banana and plain milk. I prefer mango the best.


Bungeo Samanco (붕어싸만코)

In Korea, you can find a lot of fish shape ice cream. But don’t worry, it doesn’t taste anything like fish! Bungeo Samanco is one of them, and unlike its shape, it has sweet taste. In Korea, there is a bread called Bungeobbang, which is a sweet red bean pastry prepared with a waffle mold shaped like a fish. But Bungeobbang is sold only in winter, because of its hot flavor. Bungeo Samanco ice cream is the upgrade version of Bungeobbang, which you can it in summer hot day. The familiar fish shaped waffle is stuffed with vanilla ice cream and a thin layer of red bean pasted. The result is a portable ice cream sandwich that is satisfying without being too intensely sweet. And it’s not fish flavored.


Jaws Bar(죠스)

Korean really loved fish shaped ice cream! Like Bungeo Samanco, there is another fish shaped ice cream in Korea, which is called Jaws Bar. Jaw’s realistic gray-purple outer shell and pink interior are perhaps this popsicle’s biggest selling point. Along with the tapered end and fangs, the color combo has allowed generations of children to pretend that they are biting into Hollywood’s scariest flesh eating fish. The flavor is decidedly less frightening. This is a standard fruit flavored popsicle which can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.


Shooting Star (슈팅스타)

Shooting Star has really interesting taste. We cannot exactly pin down what it is supposed to taste like, unless ‘interesting’ can be considered an official descriptive of taste. It is said to be soda flavored, which we can kind of see since it contains popping candy that fizzes in your mouth. It also features a strawberry jam swirl with fruit flavored and vanilla ice creams.


Seolleim (설레임)

Seolleim is not a classic ice cream but it has quickly become a favorite in Korea because of its easy to use pouch and no-drip nozzle. Imagine a Capri Sun filled with ice cream, and then imagine it with an awesome little screw cap that you can open and close as you wish. Now, you have an idea of what these awesome ice cream in a pouch treats are like. There are many flavor you can find, and milk shake, coffee shake, and cookie ‘n’ cream are the flavors that you can find easily.


Article by Junhyung from Korea, a Freshman in Business Administration

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