Afternoon Tea in Korea

Hajon Lee

Want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with some delightful dessert? Well I have something just right for you. Afternoon tea is one of the best ways to relax and have a chat with a friend. Enjoying tea with snacks in an ambiguous afternoon between lunch and dinner is said to be a life culture that began in the 19th century English aristocracy. Afternoon tea set, a food that seems to be somewhere in between snacks and meals, has since become unfamiliar to us. Different foods, such as sandwiches, canapes, black tea, good scones, macarons that melt your tongue and heart in sweetness, and various cakes, entertain your sight, taste, and smell. Here are some cafes in Seoul where you can enjoy afternoon tea sets that make you happy just by looking at them. I hope you enjoy one of these afternoon tea sets with your friend.

Dekant Cheongdam 11:00~21:00

Dekant, a mind care company that consults based on French philosophy and art such as art, literature, and theater. The interior full of light feels as if it is in an exhibition hall. Unique lights and sculptures can be seen everywhere that blend with the modern interior. Dekant’s Afternoon tea set uses only seasonal ingredients and the best quality tea, and carefully selects beautiful trays and teacups to complete a visual that stimulates women’s hearts.

Grand Hyatt Hotel 15:00~17:00 

Grand Hyatt Seoul’s ‘Winterberry’ Afternoon Tea Set uses strawberries as its concept. Desserts are full of strawberries such as vanilla strawberry millefeuille, strawberry pistachio tart and large strawberry-embedded roll cake, homemade strawberry ice cream, and a variety of savers, including three freshly baked scones and mushroom pie mini sandwiches and toast. This afternoon tea set, which allows users to choose TWG’s tea, Jeju green tea, and coffee to their taste, can be found at the lobby lounge cafe “Gallery” with beautiful lighting coming through the glass.

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