Experiencing Korean Desserts

I have been in Seoul for 2 weeks and already I have eaten more desserts than I can keep track of! As a natural foodie, particularly in love with dessert, I figured I’ve tried about everything in the sweets category, however, Korea offers desserts I have never heard of. The options are unlimited and they range from 1000 Won to 15,000 Won. As if dessert could get any better, somehow Koreans make dessert FUN. Everything is colorful, oversized, or just odd!

Where to get dessert: EVERYWHERE! Literally. Dessert is sold wherever there is a convenience store, cafe, or dessert shop, which is on every corner. In any convenience store such as GS25, there is a freezer with ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, drumsticks, and small sundae cups (1000 Won-3000 Won). The flavors are completely different than the offerings in the West. Since I could go on for hours about desserts in Korea, I will just mention the few that are my favorites so far.

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Bingsu is a Korean dessert of sweet, shaved ice. Traditionally it is topped with sweet red bean but there are flavors of every kind if red bean is not your favorite. So far I have had Patbingsu (the red bean kind) and taro flavored bingsu topped with cheesecake pieces and dried berries. I tried my first bingsu right outside of Hanyang University in Wangsimni. However, bingsu is sold in every part of Seoul and easy to find. 5000 Won-15000 Won

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Fresh waffles filled with ice cream

There is an adorable waffle vendor right in Wangsimni called Ding Dong Waffle. They make fresh waffles with the filling of your choice: Nutella, chocolate ice cream, frozen yogurt, whipped cream, and cream cheese. It looks like a little pink house right by Exit 6 at Wangsimni station. You order your waffle, take a number, and wait a few minutes among Koreans and exchange students for your special waffle. 1000 Won-3000 Won



30 Centimeter tall ice cream cones

In Myeongdong there are street vendors that will make you an ice cream cone bigger than your head! You may have to keep your eye out but if you walk around long enough among the overstimulation of shops and vendors in Myeongdong you will come across these wonders. 2000 Won



Assorted cafe offerings

Cafes and coffee shops may have the craziest dessert menus of all. In Itaewon at Homestead Coffee I recently shared 2 amazing desserts with 4 other people they were so huge! Huckleberry waffles and a sweet bread dome topped with ice cream and fresh fruit. These were on the pricier side but only because of their size. Another wonderful cafe in Itaewon is To The Different. They have assorted desserts like bingsu, macaroon ice cream sandwiches, and bubble tea. 3000 Won-15000 Won

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If you haven’t gathered from the following, Seoul is a LAND OF DESSERT. I recommend cutting back on sweets until you arrive because you’ll have plenty of opportunities to indulge in Seoul. :)



Article by Tara from the USA


  1. That ice cream looks crazy.. be careful it may poke your eyes ><

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