Do you love to eat ice cream? Because I know I do! If you haven’t already figured it out by now, I will be talking about the ice cream brand, Magnum. Eating ice cream itself is great, but what if you could DIY your ice cream? From choosing your own base to toppings to drizzles! Doesn’t that sound amazing? It’s also even better if you’re a chocolate fan, as Magnum specializes in rich chocolate flavored ice creams!


From Hanyang University to this Magnum cafe, you can take the subway (Line 2) heading towards Seongsu, in which you get off at Gangnam Station. Once you get off the subway, take exit 10 and walk straight for about 11 minutes. The store will be on your left and it is so fancy, you won’t miss it! When you enter the store, you really feel like you are at a ball! The place is decorated with a white, black, and gold theme, making it very elegant. The tables and chairs are also very fancy, as well as the ice cream props. Overall, the café is extremely fancy and is a great spot to take aesthetically pleasing photos!

The menu offers more than just ice cream such as Americanos and teas. However, I got an item called “Make my own Magnum,” which was 5,600 KRW. For this item, I got to build my own magnum ice cream! First, I chose my ice cream base, which was vanilla (they offer either a vanilla or chocolate base)! Then, I got to choose three out of twenty-four toppings in which it was freeze dried strawberries, maple sugar (because I’m Canadian), and crushed mango cookies! The toppings offered there are wafer pieces, dark chocolate and toffee, meringue pieces, cookie and cream crumble, strawberry cookie crunches, lotus cookies, cacao nibs, roasted almonds, coconut chips, blossom white chocolate, blossom dark chocolate, blossom strawberry chocolate, popping star green tea, popping star yellow, truffle salt, crispearls white, crispearls dark, crispearls mixed, freeze dried blueberry, freeze dried raspberry, and the three that I mentioned earlier. Thirdly, I chose my chocolate coating which was white chocolate, even though they had milk and dark chocolate as options as well.  Finally, the last step was chocolate drizzle! I chose milk chocolate for my drizzle. The whole procedure is done in front of your eyes and after it is done, they even have specific podiums with certain lighting to take pictures of your ice cream! I did not realize they had these podiums until after I ate my ice cream though.

IMG_1325Overall, the ice cream tasted great and I had a great time designing my own ice cream along with my friends, however, close to finishing my ice cream, I was quite overwhelmed with the richness from the chocolate. I do suggest having some water beside you as you eat the ice cream, as the chocolate is quite rich! And though 5,600 KRW may seem like a lot of money, it was worth the experience and you are in Gangnam after all. As I would like to say, it’s okay to treat yourself sometimes! Especially if its Magnum ice cream!

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