Café Craze (part 5)

Mouse Rabbit Café

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Mouse Rabbit café is a lovely café located by Konkuk University.

The café has a very peaceful and serene ambience, and it perfect if you want to read a book or have a calm chat with friends. The café has three floors- the main floor is where you order a drink, the second floor is filled with seating, and the basement has a cool seating area. There is plenty of seating on the second floor, including a little area where they project films onto the white wall, and a little ‘balcony’ that gives you a view of the street below. The basement is a neat little spot that resembles a cave. There are little rooms there as well as the main area in front of a fake fireplace where you can sit on the floor.

Fun fact: This café is run by Super Junior’s Yesung and his family!



Mouse Rabbit café is a 5 minute walk from exit 2 of Konkuk University Station.

Visit this link for detailed instructions


Hello Kitty Café


Growing up, I loved Hello Kitty, so the Hello Kitty café was definitely on the list of cafes I wanted to visit!

The Hello Kitty café is everything you’d expect a Hello Kitty café to look like. Pink walls, chairs with bows and Hello Kitty-themed décor. Beware- the café is a bit of a pink overload. The café itself is made to resemble a house. It has a front gate, a tree-lined entrance and even a bedroom on the second floor.

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Caffe Molinari


Caffe Molinari is a café with roots from Italy and has affiliated shops worldwide. This café specializes in delicious coffee, and also serves many different foods. I ordered the grapefruit juice, fresh from an actual grapefruit, and shared a tiramisu cake with my friends. Both were very tasty!

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The café has three floors, all decorated with luxurious furnishings. There is also an area on the third floor where they hold classes. The café is located near the base of Namsan, so it’s worthwhile to go to for a quality cup of coffee if you are in the area. However, prices are a on the higher end as they sell premium coffee.



Take the metro to Hoehyeon Station, exit 1. You will see Shinsagae on the left and a Woori Bank on the right. Turn right and continue walking, past Lotte Castle. The café will be on your right.


Article by Kristi from Canada

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