Korean Baseball Culture

Kim Min Jung

Do you know that a lot of Koreans love baseball? I also like watching baseball and I’m fan of Samsung Lions, one of the teams in the Korean baseball league.

김민정 1.jpg

There are ten teams, each supported by big corporations in Korea and regions where they have their home-stadiums. There are three teams, Nexen Heroes, Doosan Bears and LG Twins whose home stadiums are located in Seoul. Doosan Bears and LG Twins share a home stadium which is located in Jamsil (Located near Subway line2,9 Sports complex station), whilst Nexen Heroes gets its own stadium called Gocheok Dome (Located near Subway line 1, Guil station). So if you want to watch baseball game, you should go to those two stadiums!

If you go watch a Korean baseball game, you will be witness to, rather unique, cheering cultures that only exist in Korea. There are chants and songs for each team and its players, so you’ll be able to see fans singing them loudly. There are also many special cheering cultures for each team, the most famous of which are those of the Lotte Giants’.

김민정 2.jpg

Fans of Lotte Giants make a kind of hair band with orange color plastic bags. Now, this represents the Lotte Giants and its fans.

Not only can we enjoy unique cheering cultures, but also enjoy delicious foods while watching the games. Usually, Chi-mac(Chicken and beer)is the most popular menu. (But be careful!! No cans or glass bottles are allowed for safety reasons!) However, in Incehon Munhak stadium(Home base for SK Wyverns), there is a barbeque zone, where we can enjoy delicious Korean BBQ.

김민정 3.jpgSo, when can we watch the game? In 2019, the original season started on March 23rd and it ends on September 13th. After the original season, post season, which is a kind of tournament game among several high-ranked teams, will be held. However, getting tickets for post season games is very hard, so if you want to experience the Korean baseball culture, I recommend that you go during the original season. Games are held almost every day, so it will not be hard to get tickets. Hope you get the chance to attend some games!

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