Loun Shabu Shabu Buffet at Hongdae

Although Seoul has lots of delicious foods, I find that I’ve been struggling eating with all small portions sizes that Korea offers. I find myself ordering doubles or even triples at some restaurants. Last week I even ordered a quadruple serving of meat at a Korean barbeque restaurant. You may think that I am quite […]

Places to Hangout in Hongdae

Molly’s Pop This little Popsicle shop is off the main crowded streets of Hongdae on trendy, more quite back street. What makes this Popsicle shop so interesting is all the crazy flavors of popsicles it has. It features flavors such as Wasabi, Cheese, Makgeolli, Erdinger Beer, Soybean, and many other strange flavors. It also has […]

Café Craze (part 2) – Cute Cafés in Seoul

Café the Nora I was in the Hongdae (홍대) and Sangsu (상수) area this weekend, and of course, I forgot my umbrella and it started to rain. To dodge the rain, I stumbled into the nearest café I saw, and to my delight it was one of the cutest cafes ever! Café the Nora is […]

Café Craze – Welcome to Korea (part 1)

Cafes are a huge part of the Korean experience. In fact, studies show that Koreans now consume more coffee than they do kimchi and rice! From chain cafes to cat cafes, Korea has just about every type of café imaginable. One of my goals for my four-month exchange is to hit up as many themed […]

Swing Dancing in Seoul

Lindy Hop is a dance that originated in Harlem during the 1920’s and 30’s along with Swing Jazz music. In the 60’s and 70’s it disappeared almost completely but a revival started in the 1980’s when some young dancers found the old timers who used to dance at the Savoy Ballroom and brought them out […]

Spring Feature: Hongdae Dating-Courses

Are you fully enjoying this beautiful weather these days? If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend in Korea, how about visiting Hongdae this weekend and enjoy distinctive dates? I introduce you the top 5 date-courses in Hongdae today. I couldn’t experience the 5 courses by myself (because I have no boyfriend now :-/), so […]