Beverage Vending Machines in HUBS

If it is a nuisance for you to drop by the convenience store on the 2nd basement to get some drinks, a vending machine can be effective to get what you want without going down the stairs. Around the campus, you can easily spot out these beverage vending machine selling diverse kinds of drinks. Of course, there are two on the second floor in the business school. It is located right next to the Shinhan (신한) ATM, so you don’t miss it! I’m going to tell you popular canned beverages according to the specific features, which are fruit, coffee, carbonated, and energy drinks.

자판기1 자판기2


Fruit drinks can be divided into two groups: Korean or non-Korean brand. Olatte (오라떼) and Oran-C (오란씨) are the brands made from Korea. Olatte is famous for having calcium in it and not adding any pigment for the color of beverage. Until now, they have three flavors (original, peach, and apple) and they use the image of cow as the main packing design, because you can feel the taste of milk, too. As for Oran-C, they emphasize the fact that it contains lower calories than any other brands and this is the only one that uses natural coloring, not artificial things. There are three flavors as well, which are pineapple, orange, and lemon.


For non-Korean brand, you have seen or heard of “minute maid” throughout your life. They have already expanded its business district into the whole world, so your hometown does sell even in the small market. In here, they sell mango, orange, and mixture of apple and cranberry.


To stay awake and drive out drowsiness, drinking a cup of coffee is sometimes necessary. As you can see the picture above, Georgia (조지아커피) canned coffee takes up the whole space of the bottom line of vending machine. It means that Georgia (Original) is the most popular brand among students. There are another brand of coffee, “Maxwell”. Both these two can help you awake due to its caffeine substance. For people who don’t like the smell or taste of coffee, they save space to sell milk tea “Tejava (데자와)”. It doesn’t have strong flavor of milk tea, so even if you are to try it out for the first time, you will be so into this special taste.


With regard to carbonated drinks, you can choose among 4 items, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, and Demi soda. You are highly likely to be familiar with all except the last one, Demi soda. The name of “Demi” means “half” in Latin. That is, it contains half of the carbonic acid as well as fruity flavor. There are two flavors selling through those vending machines, which are apple and peach.


Finally, it’s time to keep an eye out for energy drinks! I categorized PowerAde, Pocari Sweat (포카리 스웨트), and Confidence (컨피던스) into this group according to my opinion. It’s because I feel that those drinks give me power and energy that can heal up in a few minutes. You might not know about “Confidence” beverage. Its calorie is over 90, and it includes five element of vitamin. The most amazing point is that it is not a just typical energy drink. It is one of the carbonated drinks. We usually come up with energy drinks which don’t include any carbonic acid. Therefore, it has the different but strong feature from previous ones.

The price of each beverage is around 450~800 Won, which is much cheaper than buying at the convenience store. So one thing that you should keep in mind is that you have to pay in cash or coin, not credit card or debit card. While you are tired of studying alone or with friends, deciding what beverages to buy and drinking can relax you from daily life.


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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