Nightlife in Seoul — Hongdae

Hongdae (홍대) is an area in the west part of Seoul that is known for having a young, lively culture. It is named after Hongik University (홍익대학교), which is one of the best fine arts schools in the nation. It is known for having many restaurants, cafes, and a great nightlife.   Hongdae Playground Hongdae […]

Nightlife in Seoul: Itaewon

Itaewon (이태원) is the number one spot to find other foreigners in Seoul. Generally, it is a long street filled with shops, restaurants, and bars. This is probably the best place to go if you are feeling home sick from your culture because of the large variety of cuisine options you have here-from Mexican, American, […]

Top-10 Reasons Why to Visit Korea

1) Yummy food One can easily fall in love with Korean food. Bibimbap (mixed rice with vegetables and meat), Gimbap (Korean version of sushi), and Korean BBQ are all so tasty that they are totally worth gaining weight while you travel Korea. Besides hearty meals, Korea also offers varieties of snacks which taste sweet. On […]