A Special Friend from Canada

Last summer, I visited Alberta University in Canada through Hanyang University’s (한양대학교) GIC program. At that time I met a buddy who wants to guide me named Maggie. She was Chinese Canadian and she majored Marketing, senior. I was the first time that visited the Canada, so I got lots of helps from her. And last weeks, I heard surprised news from her. She will visit Korea on May! I was so glad to meet her again and I was excited. Therefore we met on May 28th Sat at Hong-dae (홍대) because Maggie stayed near the Hong-dae.



1. Mango & Coconut ice flakes with syrup

We met around 3p.m. and went to the restaurant to eat ‘Samgyeopsal (삼겹살)’, but we couldn’t eat it because the restaurant didn’t open yet. Therefore we tour to Hongik University (홍익대학교) while wait the opening time. Due to Hongik Univ. is famous for arts, there are many unique sculptures. Also small park and pond was located on campus, it’s very helpful for students who was tired to study. After the tour, we went to the café to eat ice flakes. Maggie loves coconut, so we went to Taiwan food’s café. We ordered Mango & Coconut ice flakes with syrup and eat it. Its taste was so good and we had a great time talking all that we had been through a happy voice.



2. Eating Samgyeopsal, Korean pork belly

One thing leads to another, 5p.m. was coming. So we went to that Samgyeopsal restaurant again. That restaurant opened at 5 but it’s famous for cheap price and delicious taste. Maggie was so excited because she never tried Samgyeopsal that she cooked herself. She had ate samgyeopsal that was cooked by chefs in a hotel. The restaurant that we visited named ‘Seol-le-im (설레임)’. It means throbbing in Korean and it was same as our mind that time. It is located near the Hongik University, so you can arrive there go straight one block and turn left and go straight block. Then you can find the restaurant easily. Seol-le-im Samgyeopsal restaurant sells all menu for less than 10,000 won, so we can enjoy food very cheap price. Maggie ate Samgyeopsal wrapped in lettuce leaves with perilla leaf, seasoned green onion, ssamjang (쌈장) that special sauce in Korea, garlic, and fried Kimchi (김치). When she ate that, she told me it was the most delicious food that she ate before in Korea. After eating, we ordered Naengmyeon (냉면), Korean cold noodles and ate it. It was a perfect dinner.



3. Looking around Hongdae street & Drink Beer

After ate Samgyeopsal, we looked around Hongdae street to digest a meal. While we walked, we could see lots of people who was singing, dancing, and practicing magic. Maggie was very curious and happy about that sight. In the middle of doing walking, we bought same cellphone accessories and the necklace hanging the dry flower in the glass bottle. Also we visit kids playground where famous place in Hongdae and chatter for a while. It got dark, so we went to the pub to drink some beer. Because that day was Saturday, there are many people especially popular pub in Hongdae. The pub where we visited is the place that was provided 3900 Won for all dishes so we can enjoy delicious foods for cheap price. Drinking beer was the last thing that we done that day. We said good bye to each other and promised to meet again someday in a new city.



Article by YeongWoo from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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