Cinema Paradiso on Campus

One thing I love to do when I’m on a trip is to visit college campuses. It’s always fun to compare and contrast the different styles and atmospheres they have. I love our campus(even if it takes forever to get to business school building)too, but there are many other great schools in Seoul that are […]

Chinese Food in Seoul (Part 2)

Three weeks ago, I introduced 3 Chinese restaurants to you. Did you try it? How was it? Chinese food is so abundant that one article can’t cover it. So I decided to write one more article about it. This time I focus more on the Chinese snacks, along with one additional restaurant. Let’s start the food journey […]

Café Craze (part 5)

Mouse Rabbit Café Mouse Rabbit café is a lovely café located by Konkuk University. The café has a very peaceful and serene ambience, and it perfect if you want to read a book or have a calm chat with friends. The café has three floors- the main floor is where you order a drink, the […]

Common Ground: Pop-up Container Shopping Mall

Do you know about ‘Container Park’? It’s a plan to renovate derelict sites in cities with recycled container boxes. As a helpful way of city designing, container parks in London and Las Vegas have been a local landmark for each city. This unique container park, ‘Common Ground’, also opened in Seoul a month ago. Like […]