Can You Escape Indoors?

As the temperature begins to head below zero, you might find yourself camping out in your room trying to avoid the cold winter. You might be on the other end, where the sun is fired up and you wouldn’t mind sending some chills down your spine. Or you might be in the middle of both. Regardless of where you stand, this week’s blog is about indoor games, particularly an escape room called No Escape.

An escape room is a trivia and puzzle challenge that requires you to escape from a mystery themed room with the clues provided in the room, kind of like the movie Saw, except that you know how you got there. What actually happens at No Escape is that you are locked in a room for an hour and you must solve the clues and escape before time runs out—make sure you empty bowels before you go in because you “can’t” get out once the game begins.

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Located in Hongdae, No Escape has 2 escape rooms: Victorian Haunt and Zombie Apocalypse. Because this article is not intended to be a spoiler, I’ll lightly describe what each is room is about. The Victorian Haunt is a room haunted by paranormal presence that you will have to confront in order to free yourself. The room looks much like a Victorian era room. The Zombie Apocalypse room is themed after a zombie apocalypse—go figure—and the arrangement of the game is completely different from the Victorian room. In Zombie Apocalypse, an unnamed nation developed a biomedical weapon that has caused an outbreak of zombies across the world. Basically, you are the only hope to save humanity if you make it out alive.

You get 3 chances to make a phone call to the operator for tips about the clues. You are on radar the entire hour, so they can monitor exactly where you are. There are cool visual and sound effects that really set the mood as well. I completed the Victorian Haunt with a friend who was visiting. At some point, I felt my adrenaline kicking in as the time counted down and we were not even close to escaping. I thought the game was real that I was really locked in a room. It was a brain workout. We were so so so close—like one more piece of the puzzle—but unfortunately we did not escape in time. However, I can honestly say it’s a must visit in Seoul.


Getting to No Escape was a puzzle in itself, so here are some tips in locating the place.

Address: 20-10, Wausan-ro 21-gil, Mapo-gu

Get off at Hongik University station, exit 9

Walk for a minute to the main street, make a left and walk all the way to the front entrance of the university then make a right, crossing the street.

Across the university are some stores. Walk till you see the sign of Hongdea playground.

Make the first left down the first alley. You should see a Plan B sign and No Escape is on the second floor.


Article by Esther from the U.S.

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