The Hyundai

Jiyeon Choi

In the shopping industry ‘online’ has been the keyword for shopping trend for few years and since Corona virus broke out shopping online by just a touch from a fingertip became a must for people. However, Hyundai came up with a totally different approach. The Hyundai Seoul is now the biggest department store in Seoul, with 89,100 square meters of operating space, or about the size of 13 football fields.

The Hyundai is located 10 minutes away from Line 5’s Yeouido Station which attracts many visitors even during the daytime on weekdays. You can see many 2030 generations taking photos everywhere and office workers having their lunch. As soon as you step In The Hyundai you can feel the sunlight from the glass ceiling that covers the entire store which is quite surprising since windows and clocks are not recommended in shopping mall marketing, unlike other stores The Hyundai pursue their customers to shop under natural sunlight. You can hear the artificial waterfalls that fall from three stories high and as you shop around many trees from place to place make you feel as if you are in the woods. By these eco friendly elements The Hyundai promotes the value of nature and the idea of retail therapy.

With exhibition places like Studio Swine and ALT.1 The Hyundai maximized visual experience for their customers. Along with that for their children customers they have made cultural spaces such as “Play in the Box”, “STUDIO PETIT” that provide sensory experience. While the retail industry is focus on online pursuing for trend Hyundai sought out a new way pioneering their own future as a retail outlet.

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