Seoul Forest; Great Place to Picnic Near Hanyang University

Donghoon Lee

Seoul Forest is a great place to go on a picnic. I believe Hanyang University has a great privilege of its location. With its own subway station inside the campus, students of Hanyang University can go anywhere easily. Hanyang University is very close to a place called Seongsu. Seongsu is a very attractive place with various place to eat, beautiful little cafes, and great place to grab beer. Seongsu also has a botanic garden called “Seoul Forest.” In the past, the forest had been a royal hunting ground for kings and served as a military inspection facility. However, in the recent decades, the place has been a place for variety of activities such as golf course, horse racing track, and sports park. Seoul Forest is rapidly developing into a premium city park of Korea like the Central Park in New York. There are facilities such as culture and arts park, Eco forest, environmental educational facilities, marsh plants garden, etc.

Another huge upside of Seoul Forest is that it is located in Seongsu. As mentioned above, Seongsu is a great place to visit if you are planning to spend a lazy afternoon. There are great restaurants and beautiful cafes. A restaurant that I recommend is a place called “할머니의 레시피 (Grandma’s Recipe).” It is a great place to enjoy Korean food. The trending “Blue Bottle” is also located in Seongsu. Grab a nice meal for lunch, grab some desert at a nearby cafe and visit the Seoul Forest in the afternoon. I guarantee, you will have an amazing relaxing afternoon.


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