We Thought We Were Close, But We Weren’t: Offline Lecture

Seung Hyun Nam In the past few weeks, we were full of hope, dreaming of getting back to normal campus life. By means, Offline face-to-face lectures were right in front of our hands, just about to catch it with our bear hands. We went through numerous surveys, asking students’ opinion in shifting online-blackboard classes into […]

Sweeter than Sugar – Dalgona

Lee Sooyeon Have you ever heard of ‘Dalgona’? ‘Dalgona’ refers to a Korean street snack made from brown sugar and baking soda. It was a very popular snack in the past because of its sweetness and cheap price. Nowadays, Dalgona is taking its fame back. We can easily find Dalgona snacks in the convenience stores, […]

Korean Baseball League Broadcasted in ESPN

Min Woo Joo KBO the Korean baseball league started league in May 5th   through the Coronavirus outbreak behind closed doors. And itself made few interesting episodes such as what players say go live loud and clear since there’s no crowd. But it wasn’t the talk of the game. It was that KBO was broadcasted in […]

Korean Narrative: Binging with King Sejong

Seochon, Gyungbukgung Su Un Taeh Kim Sejong the Great 1397-1450), a praised monarch with marvelous achievements such as personally creating Hangul was known to have a strong addiction to meat. During his 30 year reign, the annals were filled with episodes relative to his stature as a widely known gourmand. Coincidentally, a Hanok village where […]

Parks Where You Can Heal in This Summer

Gaeun Kim As midterm week goes by, I’ve been planning to visit some spacious and large places to ride a bike and get some cool, fresh air after midterm exam. So, today I’m going to introduce and recommend some popular places where you can ride bikes with your friends or family. Actually, I don’t have […]

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s Exhibition

Hajon Lee Last Friday I went to see Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s exhibition in Hangaram Arts Center Museum which is at the Seoul Arts Center. It is open from Jan. 14th to May 16th from Tuesday to Sunday, so if you’re interested please please do book your tickets ASAP. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’ exhibition is separated into […]

Daehakro; Seoul’s Theater District

Donghoon Lee Daehakro is Seoul’s theater and performing arts district. Daehakro is the name of the neighborhood and the area’s main road. There are numerous theaters and performance venues of all sizes located throughout the area. Visitors who are fans of theater, musicals, and music should head to Daehakro to fulfill their cultural experiences. I […]