The Notorious ; Shinjeon Tteok-bokki

  Have you guys tried this wonderful food? If you haven’t, you definitely should go right away. Stop reading this article, pack your stuff, go straight to your nearest Shinjeon tteok-bokki place. I promise it will be an incredible experience that you guys will never forget. I bet more than 1/3 will be a Shinjeon […]

Places to Study in Wangsimni

You can easily find Hanyang students studying for exams or working on their projects in the school library or school cafeterias. However, many of the students also study outside the campus, in different places in Wangsimni. Here are some places to recommend. (Those in brackets are their locations) Heung-Sin-So Cafeteria (서울 성동구 왕십리로 231) Business […]

Experience at Seongsu Gallery

Donghoon Lee Near Hanyang University, there is a small town called Seongsu. With various foods and cafés, Seungsu is such a nice place to enjoy lazy afternoons. Seoul forest is also located at Seongsu, which makes the place great place to spend some time. Last spring, I visited Seongsu Gallery. Unlike typical galleries, this gallery […]

Dilemma about Online Mid-term

Min Woo Joo It has been a while since HYU announced that offline attending to school is on hold and students would have to keep taking their class online indefinitely until coronavirus subsides. A month passed since school started online classes and since this status is going to remain the same for a while, it […]

Brand 1943: Hottest Drinking Franchise in Korea

Hajon Lee Have you ever seen the huge line at Gangnam, Konkuk, or Hongdae in front of a place with a huge red light with the sign 1943? Of course there are other places with long lines also, but what is about this place where the line never seems to get short? People continuously line […]

Places You Can Make Your Own Handmade Product Near Our School

Gaeun Kim Today I’ll introduce some places near our school where you can make some hand-made soap, candle, pottery. I think creating your own things in a complex and chaotic world like these days can be meaningful experience for everyone. I’m going to introduce two places which are located near Seongsu station. First place is […]

Korean Narrative: What’s With the Garlic?

Su Un Taeh Kim In continuation to the series of attempts to introduce Korean history and culture in the most ‘interesting’ fashion, this week’s Korean narrative is about the culprit behind the peculiar scent found in most Korean food: Garlic (마늘). Starting from the average pork belly chop house at Wangsimni to almost all Korean […]

New Bloggers for 2020 Spring Semester

Hello, all :) We are happy to introduce 7 new bloggers for 2020 Spring Semester. 1. Donghoon Lee Hello, I am Donghoon Lee, I will be writing blog articles about my personal experiences in Hanyang University this semester. This is my second year in HUBS, and in the first year at HUBS, I had a great […]