Quarantine Life: How to Deal with Group Assignments

Seung Hyun Nam


What could be the most effective ways to accomplish group assignments during our terms of quarantine or so called “social distance”?

Answers could vary; via Messengers like Kakaotalk, video chat applications like Skype, some might say “as usual!”

What I could say for sure, above all the options or some other alternatives, chat Messengers are not something to be considered as a method itself.

In what ground?  My experience grounds it. And I’m confident that it is not just a hasty generalization error. During the last couple of weeks, I’ve dealt my group assignments using Kakaotalk to discuss topics that required creative thinking and plausible ideas. But this method lessens the burden that each member carries as a part of the group which leads to a ‘Lack of Responsibility’ situation. Lack of participation is a common thing, relying on other group members until they build up the fundamental structure of the project.

I get it, that this COVID-19 situation and Quarantine lives are a novel situation we are not capable of handling. Since it is, and will be a long-term period phenomenon, we should better come up with a better alternative to get rid of these problems.

What could it be, and how could it be implemented in our daily lives in this chaotic situation.

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