Korean Narrative: ‘Dang Dang Dog’ a Canine with 2,000 Years of Korean History

Su Un Taeh Kim As adorable puppies tend to bring out the brightest expressions with a cute essence among ourselves, they tend to be called in different variations among peoples, and culture. In Korea, dogs are usually called ‘gangajie’(강아지) or ‘mungmunge’(멍멍이), but nowadays they are also called ‘dangdange’(댕댕). A lot can be interpreted with the […]

The Binge-watcher’s Guide to the Netflix

Woo Joo Min COVID-19 stopped everything and also made people stay home. Some said only two industry went better post outbreak which is OTT services and mask industry. Netflix and amazon started to provide lower resolutions on some region due to increased traffic. In Korea Netflix is popular like they never did. TV shows and […]

Isolation during Pandemic

Seung Hyun Nam During times of pandemic, when quarantine lives are something that must be done to strive through this crisis, University students like us cannot help but to bump on obstacles. To elaborate, offline classes make foreign exchange students somewhat hard to follow up the main classes. Language is one of the major problems: […]

Bibimbap and Bossam at Hanyang Plaza

Donghoon Lee There are great places to eat at Hanyang University. One of them is the food court in the first floor of Hanyang Plaza. Under my experiences of having various menus at the Hanyang Plaza, I would like to introduce my Top 2 favorite dishes. Beef Bibimbap The first one is the Beef Bibimbap. […]

Apps that Helps Us Go Paper-free in Campus

Lee Sooyeon Recently, a lot of people are going paper-free using many different types of IT devices. Students in the campus also use laptops and tablet PCs instead of having printed papers and books, since it is not only convenient but also environmentally friendly. Especially, students using I-pad are increasing, and various kinds of note-taking […]

Recent K-dramas You Should Watch in This Quarantine Life

Gaeun Kim These days, our daily lives are being interrupted by the COVID-19. We feel so frustrated and boring spending our time at home, with fixed behavioral patterns. So today, I want to introduce and recommend two recent K-dramas, which Koreans love to watch nowadays, including me. The first drama is called ‘Hospital playlist: Wise […]

Unique Cafe: Meerkat Friends

Hajon Lee During this rainy week, I was searching for things to do inside. In searching for something unique and interesting. I came across something called a Meerkat Cafe. Looking through the blogs of other people, I saw that there were various animals other than just meerkats. The cafe is located in the middle of […]