Korean Narrative: Hip&Young Ikseon Village

Jongro-3 GA – Ikseon dong Su Un Taeh Kim It’s easy to spot catchphrases claiming Seoul as a metropolitan integration between history and future. However, it’s not as easy to find any actual physical evidence of the dynamic melting pot in the bustling city. Yet, an actual place where the traditional meets the modern is […]

Town of the Rich: Apgujeong

Hajon Lee So Apgujeong, you’ve probably only heard of this place as the rich town with the two huge department stores: Galleria and Hyundai Department store and various designer brand stores in the area. So why is it a rich town? Well, the simple answer is because rich people live there. But, then the question is […]

Introducing Popular Korean Street Brands

Gaeun Kim Hi guys! Today, I’m going to introduce some street brands that are in fashion among young adults. Many young people like teenagers or twenties enjoy wearing some street brand clothes because it is cheaper and cost-effective than luxurious brands, youngsters like to wear similar clothes with each other. Especially, street brands are being […]

Quarantine Life: How to Deal with Group Assignments

Seung Hyun Nam What could be the most effective ways to accomplish group assignments during our terms of quarantine or so called “social distance”? Answers could vary; via Messengers like Kakaotalk, video chat applications like Skype, some might say “as usual!” What I could say for sure, above all the options or some other alternatives, […]

Seoul Forest; Great Place to Picnic Near Hanyang University

Donghoon Lee Seoul Forest is a great place to go on a picnic. I believe Hanyang University has a great privilege of its location. With its own subway station inside the campus, students of Hanyang University can go anywhere easily. Hanyang University is very close to a place called Seongsu. Seongsu is a very attractive […]

Slow Down on Your Caffeine

Woo Joo Min   Even though mid-term was postponed and lots of class replaced mid-term test into assignments but there are still classes with tests and assignment is not easy either. Many students study till late to get better grades at upcoming exam. And we often use quite a big amount of caffeine to stay […]

Vegan Restaurants in Seoul

Lee Sooyeon Nowadays, many people are going ‘Vegan’, trying to have healthy and green food. Vegan meal is not only good for our health, but also helps the earth go green. However, it is still true that there are not many places to find vegan food in Korea. Here are some places where you can […]