Slow Down on Your Caffeine

Woo Joo Min


Even though mid-term was postponed and lots of class replaced mid-term test into assignments but there are still classes with tests and assignment is not easy either. Many students study till late to get better grades at upcoming exam. And we often use quite a big amount of caffeine to stay awake and study more. But there are serious harmful effects on caffeine when used too much. Here are few of the harmful effect studies say.

  1. Caffeine consumption may raise blood pressure.

This effect significantly more among those who already suffering from hypertension and those who normally don’t consume caffeine. Study shows that people who already has hypertension gets their blood pressure elevated 2-3 hours after caffeine about 2 coffees. And similar thing happens to people normally consume caffeine but with much less amount of caffeine.

  1. Increased risk of heart attacks among young adults.

A study found that young adults who were diagnosed to have mild hypertension had 4 times risk of heart attack if they take caffeine amount of 4 cups of coffee than who didn’t.

  1. Caffeine can cause indigestion

People who consume beverages include caffeine often report an upset stomach and indigestion. This mainly occurs when the beverages are consumed on an empty stomach.

  1. Caffeine may cause insomnia

Caffeine in human’s system can mimic the symptoms of insomnia.

I’m not saying these are happening to everybody who drinks caffeine but there are reason the study shows results like this. It happened to those who consumed too much caffeine. It is nice thing to do to study late for the test but be aware that too much caffeine is not going to help you later!

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