Winter Sports: Go Skiing!

November generally brings strong wind and cold temperature, and it makes us have a severe cold. On the other hand, it can be a good news for the ones who prefer winter to summer. It’s because the majority of people, waiting for winter to come early, enjoy winter sports a lot. Of course, there are […]

Samsung and Hyundai: The Frontier of Korean Entrepreneurship (Part 1)

  Hello, guys. How have you been? The weather is repeating cold and sunny. Take care of yourself and stay warm! Today, I would like to start an article with small quizzes. You should answer the names of the two figures. Number one! Who is he? If it is too easy, let’s move to the […]

Shops by the Residence Hall 2

Okay folks, today we are gonna talk about where to buy things around Residence Hall 2 (제2학생생활관) because it is likely you are going to live there if you are a foreigner. So when I first arrived here I was super confused of where to go and where to buy things around here. On top […]

Seoul Lantern Festival

This time, while living in Seoul, South Korea, I attended the Seoul Lantern Festival. While last year’s theme was the ” Illuminated Seoul Tour “, this year’s theme is ” Seoul Lantern Festival 2016 ( 서울빛초롱축제 )  . ” This festival is located in Cheonggyecheon Plaza (청계광장) to Supyogyo Bridge (수표교). To go there you […]

Special One Day Trip to Songdo, Incheon

After the mid-term exam, now it is a good time to enjoy your weekend again. There are some students who take many courses and can’t go out for a long time. Therefore, one-day trip is a wise choice. Today, I will share my experience about how to plan a one-day trip with you. This time […]

Exploring Korean Online Shopping Sites

Seoul, among many other destinations, is sometimes introduced as one of the best shopping cities in the world. There are in fact so many famous shopping districts in Seoul such as Myeong-dong(명동), Dongdae-mun(동대문), Sinsa-dong(신사동) and the list goes on. Once you take a step into any shopping malls in Seoul, trendy clothes, cheap groceries, luxurious […]