Which one are you talking about?

Park, Jeonghun          There are some words that have a double meaning in Korean, because the language itself is focused on contextual meanings. For example, Noon (눈) might mean more than two ideas; the part of the body you see with or snow that fall from the sky. Foreigners or exchange students might have trouble […]

Samsung and Hyundai: The Frontier of Korean Entrepreneurship (Part 1)

  Hello, guys. How have you been? The weather is repeating cold and sunny. Take care of yourself and stay warm! Today, I would like to start an article with small quizzes. You should answer the names of the two figures. Number one! Who is he? If it is too easy, let’s move to the […]

Touring South Korean Companies (Day 1)

At the end of October I was invited to join the SME (small to medium enterprise) Conference and youth leadership camp which included two days of touring South Korean businesses. The first day included a tour of: CJ Foodville, Samsung, & YG Logistics, followed by a night spent at the IBK Bank Training Facility in […]