Recommendable Restaurants at Wangsimni Enter-6

So far, there are so many articles describing various restaurants in Wangsimni (왕십리). Lately, I have already written about some sushi restaurants that might meet your tastes (Refer to the article titled ‘Sushi restaurants in Wangsimni’). This time, I am going to tell you some restaurants but confined to Wangsimni Enter-6 (왕십리 엔터식스). All these […]

Harvesting Friendship at the Seoul Forest

Hello, everyone. Already one and a half months have passed since the start of the semester. Autumn is the season of harvesting. How are you preparing for Thanksgiving this year? For my case, I have decided to be a real farmer! Some of you may think it is impossible to even find soil in such […]

The 18th Gimje Horizon Festival Day 2 (by Pavel)

This is a second part of the journey I took on the Gaecheonjeol national holiday (개천절). I ended my previous article with the fireworks show, however, I forgot to mention, that then we were place in a hotel for a night. Quite unfortunate, I failed to take pictures of that hotel and the rooms. Neither […]

Work Hard, Play Hard!

I know I’ve said in my last article, but I will repeat it so that it stays in your head. What is nice when you live Seoul (서울) (or the other cities in South Korea) is the number of free activities that is huge ! Member of a Korean group SAYUL (Say About Beautiful Korea […]

Useful Tips for Taking Express Express and Intercity Buses

When you come to Korea, I think one thing you must do is travelling because there are many beautiful and interesting places in Korea. Thanks to the convenient transportation system, you can easily travel other places in Korea. Maybe you have heard KTX before, but in addition to it, there are many express & intercity buses […]

Get to Know About Islam!

It was only few months ago when I met a friend with a belief in Islam for the first time of my life. Although I have heard a lot about Islamic beliefs and Muslim society through media, I knew very little about the religion and its culture. Actually, brutal civil wars in the Middle East […]

Small Pubs in Wangsimni

1. Saurros (쏘러스) The menu they are selling now is just affordable! According to the menu, there are hand-made sausage and churros. The price of each menu is 5500 Won and 5000 Won. Also you can take out churros packed in a cup by paying 3000 Won. Although I hadn’t tried out yet, I heard from […]

All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants in Wangsimni

    Article by Sangeun, a Junior in Business Administration