Winter Sports: Go Skiing!

November generally brings strong wind and cold temperature, and it makes us have a severe cold. On the other hand, it can be a good news for the ones who prefer winter to summer. It’s because the majority of people, waiting for winter to come early, enjoy winter sports a lot.

Of course, there are some winter sports in Korea such as ski resorts, sledging in snow, speed riding, skating, etc. Among them, I am going to talk about ski resorts specifically. I will categorize into 2 provinces, which are ‘Gangwon-do (강원도)’ and ‘Gyeonggi-do (경기도)’, depending on where the ski resorts are located.


1. Gangwon-do Province (강원도)


Have you ever been to Gangwon-do for travel like one-day trip? Gangwon-do is located in the northeast of the Korean peninsula (Refer to the blue color in the upper picture). It’s far away at least 2 hours and half from Hanyang University (한양대학교) by vehicle, not considering heavy traffic jam. And 82% of the province is surrounded with mountain. That’s why there are lots of ski resorts in Gangwon-do, at least 7.

In fact, this year over 300 students went to the Yongpyong Resort before the spring semester started. A few number of students voluntarily made a whole plan including renting a bus, skiwear, and even booking resorts (Unfortunately I forgot how many days they went). Regarding on this, it could be a great idea if you go with a number of groups to save your money.

I’ll let you know the opening day just around the corner.


The ski resorts’ opening day is around from 10th to 19th. Each resort has its own website in the Internet, so just type its name of the resorts into the search engine.


2. Gyeonggi-do (경기도)

If you are a Hanyang University student, you are likely to be heard of the word, ‘Gyeonggi-do’. Gyeonggi-do is quite close to Seoul, where you live now. Due to the geographic location, you might have been to Gyeonggi-do for sightseeing, such as Ilsan (the edge of the subway line 3). Although the number of high mountains is relatively low compared to the Gangwon-do, there are some ski resorts for sure.

Here is the list of the ski resorts in Gyeonggi-do.


The opening day is relatively late, compared to the Gangwon-do. It’s because as one area is located close to the north, the temperature in that area is going down. It means that the temperature of Gangwon-do is lower than that of Gyeonggi-do during the winter.

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These two pictures are one of the representative resorts in Gyeonggi-do, which is ‘Bearstown’. The picture shows us different atmosphere depending on day or night. The reason why I give you whole picture of resort is that even Gyeonggi-do, which has relatively lower mountains than Gangwon-do like I mentioned above, has suitable place to enjoy your skiing. (Look at amazing height!)


3. Things to keep in mind


The price range hasn’t come out yet, but it could be better to bring out enough money in your pocket. As you know, some food inside of the resort is extremely high and you need to borrow things such as skiwear, ski equipment and cable car. Also you should keep your body warm enough by putting on many thin clothes one upon another. Finally, protect yourself from being bumped by others!

I haven’t been to all resorts except Vivaldi, so I feel sorry that I can’t give you my top suggestions. Before going there, search which resort is the best one for you.


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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