Special One Day Trip to Songdo, Incheon


After the mid-term exam, now it is a good time to enjoy your weekend again. There are some students who take many courses and can’t go out for a long time. Therefore, one-day trip is a wise choice. Today, I will share my experience about how to plan a one-day trip with you. This time I went to Songdo, Incheon (인천 송도). I think most of you have heard or been to Incheon because there is Incheon International Airport (인천국제공항). Incheon, a city bordering the capital of Seoul (서울), has long been a transportation hub. Songdo (송도) is a new part of Incheon, which is well known as smart city. Along with Yeongjong (영종) and Cheongna (청라), it is part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone (인천경제자유구역).


Tips for transportation

It is very convenient to go to Songdo by subway, but it will take you nearly two hours. If you leave from Wangsimni Station (왕십리역), you need to take the Gyeongwon line (경원선) and transfer to Incheon line 1 at Yongsan (용산). Then you need to transfer to Incheon line 1 in Bupyeong (부평). You can get off at Central Park (센트럴파크).

Interesting places

Central Park (센트럴파크)

Songdo Central Park is a public park in the Songdo district. This park is the centerpiece of Songdo IBD’s green space plan, inspired by NYC Central Park. What can you do in Central Park? In my own experience, I walked through the whole park after having the lunch. You can enjoy the scenery around the park.




Autumn is a good season to watch the tree leaves. Talking with friends in this place must be a pleasure. It would be better if you spend a whole day here because you are able to enjoy the day and night scenery.



Also many citizens like riding a bicycle here. Additionally, a light flower show would be held here every year, always in October. Fall semester exchange students can’t miss it when you go to Songdo.



(It is so romantic. Why not go there and create good memory.)


G Tower (지타워)

G Tower is an excellent place to take a bird’s eye view of this city. Commonly, visitors can go up to the 33rd floor for free. In this floor, you can visit the whole city. You will be amazed by great architectures. G Tower is open at 10:00-20:00 on weekdays, and 10:00-18:00 on weekends. There is a sky garden in the 29th floor, but it is only open at 10:00-19:00 on weekdays.


Surrounding buildings

1 2

Songdo is a smart city, so there are many special buildings. This one is nearby the Lottemart (롯데마트). Amazingly, you feel this architecture is coming to you when you stand on some angels. I guess the reason maybe we regard the clouds as background.


Tri-bowl (트라이볼)


Tri-bowl was built to commemorate the Global Fair & Festival Incheon, Korea. The bowl symbolizes Incheon and its sky, sea, and land, as well as the districts of Songdo, Chengna, and Yeongjong, which together from the Incheon Free Economic Zone.


Incheon Bridge Observatory (인천대교 전망대)

Incheon Bridge Observatory which is nearby the G Tower offers great view of Incheon. You can go there to visit and Incheon Bridge and enjoy the sunset. The view of the sunset from the West Coast is out of the world.


NC Cube Canal Walk (NC 큐브 커넬 워크)

The NC Cube Canal Walk is a European-style shopping arcade with a length of 740 meters. The architecture invokes the four seasons, and the canal running through the building is quite impressive. After walking all day, you can go there for shopping and dinner. There are many famous brands shops and restaurants. It is a little difficult for us to find restaurants in Songdo because many buildings are under constructions. I know the Lotte mart has a canteen and most restaurants are located in NC Cube Canal Walk.


(This was what I ate that night in NC Cube Canal Walk. It is a chain shop called TERO, which is famous for its cheese Deep-fried pork chop. This set is just 19,000 KRW and it is suitable for 3 people to share.)


This is my schedule of that day.

10:40-12:30 go to Incheon Grand Park

12:30-13:30 enjoy time in Incheon Grand Park

13:30-14:15 go to Songdo

14:15-17:30 have lunch in Lotte Mart

Visit the central park

Visit the G Tower

17:30-18:00 go to the Incheon Bridge Observatory

18:00-19:10 Visit the NC Cube Canal Walk

Have dinner

19:10-20:00 visit the night scenery and flower light show

20:00-22:00 go back to Seoul


Incheon Grand Park is far away from Songdo, but it is a good place to enjoy the natural beauty too. You can go there if you have enough time.



Sincerely hope the information above can help you. Try another way to enjoy your weekend and you will be surprised by what you see.


Article by Jessica from China

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