Glitters Day Out to MARU 180!

On Friday, November 11th, HUBS students made up of 17 international students and members of Glitters went on to a company visit to MARU 180. The participants met at the Business Building (경영대학), and moved together to the station. MARU 180 is located near Yeoksam Station (역삼역) in Gangnam-gu (강남구). To briefly introduce MARU 180, […]

Handy Applications in Korea  

  My today’s article will be devoted to the useful apps to live in Korea. Surprisingly, many popular apps that are used all over the world are not used here or even doesn’t work well. For instance, WhatsApp is not used at all and Google Maps cannot draw you a route due to some weird […]

HUBS Glitters Visits JTBC!

What is JTBC anyways? JTBC is a national cable TV network and a broadcasting company in South Korea. It is considered  the most favourite TV Channel by Koreans. “ Their platform and programs were fresh because ordinary Broadcast Station had never treated. ” Maybe you have heard about the controversy about the actual president of Korea, […]

Chinese Food in Seoul (Part 1)

Time flies. Now, my exchange life is one month away from being over. Although Korean food is delicious, I miss Chinese food from time to time. I think most Chinese exchange students have same feeling too. Also, there are many foreign students may want to try some Chinese food here. Therefore, I will introduce three Chinese […]

Naver’s Special Library: See Rare Books and Experience a Trendy Atmosphere

Korea has “Naver (네이버)” if there is Google in America. Naver is the most commonly-used portal site in South Korea. How much is it commonly used? – As much as 84% of Korean internet users mainly access Naver every day according to Daily News Korea. Indisputably, Naver is the number one search engine in Korea. […]