Shops by the Residence Hall 2

Okay folks, today we are gonna talk about where to buy things around Residence Hall 2 (제2학생생활관) because it is likely you are going to live there if you are a foreigner. So when I first arrived here I was super confused of where to go and where to buy things around here. On top of that I didn’t have a sim card and thus data on my phone, so I was kind of afraid to get lost.

Even though they gave me a few papers of how to get to Emart (이마트), it wasn’t quite clear where is it. Moreover, since they tell you to get a bus or even a taxi, I had an impression as if it is far away. After a few weeks I walked to and from Wangsimni (왕십리) (where it is located) sometimes 2 times a day. It’s about 10 minutes away from residence on foot.

Anyways, let’s go through the stores they have around one by one. But first let me show you on the map where residence hall 2 is:


Source: Google Maps


Emart (이마트)

First things first, Emart is a huge store with two floors. In Emart you will be able to buy pretty much everything you need fairly cheap. Probably, that would be the first store you go to once you arrive in Seoul. This is where you can find it:


Source: Google Maps

It might look like it is far but trust me nothing in Seoul is far. I walked to the Sity Hall and back but to walk to Emart will take you 10 minutes max. Once you get to the marker, you will not miss it. It is in the beige building just next to the exit 12.

On the first floor you can find groceries and stuff for home (dishes, detergents, bed sets, etc.) and on the second floor there is clothes, school supplies, some games.

On the second floor by the Emart there is a shop where you can buy different devices and supplies for them. So if you need a laptop or a portable charger, this is where you go.


Daiso (다이소)

Daiso is very famous chain of stores. It sells almost everything extremely cheap. I strongly recommend to go in this store either right before Emart. You will notice how cheap things are here compared to Emart. This is where you can find the closest one:


Source: Google Maps

So if you need some school supplies, dishes, tooth paste or a toilet paper, this is where I would go.
6 7



There are probably 3 major chains of convenient stores in Korea: GS25, 7 eleven and CU. I don’t think I would be wrong to say that at any point in Seoul you are not more than 200 meters away from the closest store. There are two stores that are the closest to the residence hall. One of them is the GS25’s store that is right behind the residence:


Source: Google Maps




Another store that is super close to the residence is one of the CU’s stores. It is located on the territory of Hanyang Women’s University.


Source: Google Maps

You would have to go down the stairs and turn right. Although sometimes it is closed (because university has to close this underground thing late at night and on weekends I think) I prefer this CU over GS25 mentioned above.

11 12


Corner shop #1

This is another very close and one of the cheapest convenient stores near the Residence Hall 2.


It is located in the basement, so you will have to take the stairs.


Corner shop #2

As you go to the Wangsimni station, you might see this shop on your right.


Source: Google Maps


The main benefit of this store is that they are always offering some discounts on the products.



I also found a nice and cheap bakery nearby, so you can check it out.


Source: Google Maps




Article by Pavel from Russia

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