Incheon Festa

Fanny Discover Incheon was the tour company we booked with to spend this festival. Basically it was a one-day tour and it ended at a concert – Incheon Festa 2018. First, we met up at Hongdae station and from there we got into a bus which took us to the city of Incheon. We first […]

A One Day Trip to the Nearby City, Incheon

There are many things to do for a person in Seoul (서울). However, Seoul may be a little bit boring after a couple months, and you may want to try different places in Korea. Incheon (인천) is the right place for you. This is the schedule we recommend for your one day trip in Incheon. […]

Special One Day Trip to Songdo, Incheon

After the mid-term exam, now it is a good time to enjoy your weekend again. There are some students who take many courses and can’t go out for a long time. Therefore, one-day trip is a wise choice. Today, I will share my experience about how to plan a one-day trip with you. This time […]