Winter Sports: Go Skating!

When the month of December comes, the temperature would be falling down below zero. Continuing on the theme of ‘Winter Sports’ like I wrote the article titled as ‘Winter Sports: Go Skiing’, I am going to start describing ‘the place for skatin’. Specifically, I want to focus on the places in Seoul for your convenience. […]

Samsung and Hyundai: The Frontier of Korean Entrepreneurship (Part 2)

Good to see you again! How did you like the last article about the foundation of Samsung (삼성)? I hope you have learned about the Korean entrepreneurship and its history. Moving on to the rest of this article, I would like to introduce Hyundai’s (현대) Chung Ju Yung (정주영). Then the last part will the […]

Getting Your Haircut in Wangsimni

So today we will talk about quite an unusual topic. Our today’s theme is barbershops in the neighborhood. In other words, where you can have a haircut around Hanyang University (한양대). I have to warn in advance, that there will be no fun in this article, so if you are not looking for a place […]

Some Sevit (Formerly, Hangang Floating Island)

This time, I wanted to visit one of the nicest parks in Seoul (서울), South Korea. So, some friends and I went to a park called Some Sevit, which is floating artificial Island in Hangang (한강) ( Hangang Floating Island ) ( 세빛섬 ). The address is  683, Olympic-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 서초구 올림픽대로 683 […]

Follow K-pop Stars’ Tracks

K-pop is a symbol of Korean culture and many people knows Korea firstly from K-pop. K-pop stars win much popularity among fans from all over the world. Whether you are a fan of k-pop stars, it is a special experience to enjoy K-pop culture here. Now I will introduce you two places where you can […]

Wangsimni, the Gop-Chang Street

Cow or pig intestines, so called as Gopchang (곱창) in Korean, is one of the most disputable dinner menus in Korea. What I mean by “disputable” is that there is a clear division between likes and dislikes regarding the food among people. Its greasiness and no good-looking shape push people away from trying it. Some also […]